Beaches Resorts: Leading Autism-Friendly Hospitality

Beaches Resorts, a renowned family-friendly all-inclusive resort company, proudly announces the renewal of its Advanced Certified Autism Centre (ACAC) designation from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

This prestigious certification underscores Beaches Resorts’ unwavering dedication to providing exceptional accommodation and services for autistic and sensory-sensitive guests, making it the sole hospitality organisation globally to hold this esteemed ACAC certification.

The Gold Standard of Inclusivity

Awarded by the IBCCES, the ACAC designation signifies rigorous training completion and the provision of tailored accommodations for neurodivergent visitors.

Beaches Resorts’ commitment to inclusivity under the Caribbean sun shines through its comprehensive ACAC certification, which represents the pinnacle of recognition in the industry.

Notably, the ACAC certification builds upon the foundation laid by the Certified Autism Centre (CAC) certification, elevating Beaches Resorts’ standards of service excellence.

Comprehensive Certification Process

The ACAC certification process encompasses various critical components, including:

Autism Sensitivity Training: Extensive training covering areas such as communication, sensory impacts, motor skills, social skills, environmental awareness, emotional awareness, early childhood identification, and autistic perspectives, among others.

Tailored Accommodations: Provision of activities and accommodations specifically designed to cater to the needs of autistic guests.

Ongoing Evaluation: Annual onsite audits and reviews ensuring compliance with certification standards, alongside the implementation of sensory guides for interactive areas and continuous enhancements to existing programs and processes.

Beaches Resorts: Leading Autism-Friendly Hospitality

Dedicated Facilities: Establishment of protocols and physical spaces to accommodate diverse requirements, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all guests.

Personalised Services for Neurodivergent Travellers

Beaches Resorts goes above and beyond to provide personalised holiday planning and on-resort programming tailored to families with neurodivergent travellers.

Through a pre-arrival questionnaire, the Special Services Team assists in recommending experiences and advising on room selections to minimise stimuli and identify low-sensory zones.

Collaborating with the IBCCES, Beaches Resorts has developed resort-wide sensory guides, rating areas based on sensory stimulation levels, including pools, activity centres, water parks, and more.

Additionally, the presence of Beaches Buddies offers invaluable one-on-one support, assisting families in navigating activities ranging from snorkelling to sandcastle building, alongside sensory-sensitive members.

Innovative Partnerships for Enhanced Experiences

A strategic partnership with Sesame Workshop enriches the guest experience with innovative programming such as Amazing Art with Julia.

This initiative, led by Julia, a beloved Sesame Street character with Autism Spectrum Disorder, encourages children to explore their creativity through open-ended art activities, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Beaches Resorts is set to host its second Annual Beaches Autism All-Inclusive Week at Beaches Negril from 22nd to 29th September 2024. This unique event brings together a community of guests with similar needs for exclusive programming, expert-led discussions, and much more, all complemented by dedicated Beaches Buddies ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for every family.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

Heather Effs, Sandals Resorts International’s Corporate Manager of Entertainment Operations, emphasises Beaches Resorts’ steadfast commitment to creating a welcoming environment where all guests can thrive.

She highlights the significance of catering to neurodivergent travellers, acknowledging the profound impact it has on their holiday experiences and family memories.

With over two decades of expertise in cognitive disorder training and certification, IBCCES stands as a global leader in specialised education for healthcare, education, and corporate professionals.

Recognising the importance of tailored programmes in hospitality and recreational settings, IBCCES continues to develop comprehensive training initiatives to empower staff in meeting the unique needs of diverse guest demographics.

In closing, Myron, Board Chairman of IBCCES, commends Beaches Resorts for its exemplary leadership in championing inclusivity within the hospitality industry. By renewing the ACAC certification, Beaches Resorts reaffirms its commitment to creating life-changing experiences for families, ensuring every guest feels valued, respected, and embraced.

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