Benefits of Casein You Didn’t Know

Casein is an excellent supplement for people already committed to improving their fitness levels. It can help speed up the process of healing and building muscle. Although most people consume whey protein during and after a workout, there are benefits to be gained from casein. For instance, it can provide a variety of nutrients that can help improve your overall health and performance.

Benefits of Casein You Didn't Know

What is Casein?

Casein is a type of protein that’s commonly used in dairy products. It accounts for about 80% of the milk protein and the remaining 20% is whey. Although casein is frequently used as a protein powder, it can also be taken in two different forms. These are micellar casein and hydrolysate.

Casein Hydrolysate

For quicker digestion and absorption, hydrolyzed protein is broken down partially. This form can be absorbed rapidly and is predigested.

Micellar Casein

This is the most natural form of protein that closely resembles the chemical structure of milk. It’s also known as micelles, preventing it from getting absorbed too quickly in the stomach.

Benefits of Casein You Didn't Know

Reasons to Use Casein Protein

Many people don’t know all of the benefits that adding casein powder into their diets can offer. For example, it’s vital to buy casein protein powder from reputable sellers like Legion Athletics. For instance, Legion Athletics states, “Casein+ is a 100% natural grass-fed micellar casein protein powder made with milk from small, sustainable dairy farms in Ireland.”

  1.  Build More Muscle

Several diet plans suggest consuming casein protein before bed to help stimulate the release of human growth hormone, which is a vital component of building lean muscle mass. Taking casein before going to bed will help you build more muscle while you sleep.

  1.  Increases Fat Loss

Studies suggest that whey and casein protein can help promote lean mass and reduce fat loss in a calorie-controlled diet. It’s believed that increasing protein intake can help maintain a healthy weight. Studies also suggest that it can help people lose weight when their calorie consumption is controlled.

  1.  Improve Recovery Time

Getting the proper nutrition is essential for building muscle. Without the right nutrients, your body can’t produce the ideal results for training. Studies suggest that taking casein protein can help support the maintenance and repair of damaged muscle tissue. This process occurs after a hard training session.

Casein protein can help keep the body’s protein levels up after a training session and will help preserve the existing muscle mass and increase its chances of supporting future muscle development.

Benefits of Casein You Didn't Know
  1.  Promotes Dental Health

Like other dairy products, casein can help improve your dental health. According to studies, it can help strengthen tooth enamel and prevent decay. It can also help prevent bacteria from attaching to teeth.

  1.  Casein Cookies

Aside from being used as a protein, casein can also be enjoyed as a shake or a healthy treat before bed. You can make various protein-based snacks by mixing casein with water or milk.

Although casein is an excellent source of protein, it’s not sustainable as the main source of protein for most people. Instead, opt for lean sources such as chicken, turkey and fish.