Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner

The Clifton College Percival Dinner was recently held to raise funds for deserving Clifton students from underprivileged backgrounds.

The exciting fundraiser got some much-deserved support from Bentley, with Bentley Bristol in particular. Thanks to this event and all who attended’s contributions, they managed to raise £75,145 throughout the course of the evening.

Clifton College is considered as one of the best public boarding schools in the UK and hosts the Percival dinner twice a year. Even the late W. O. Bentley, the founder of Bentley Motors, was an old Cliftonian and reportedly found many lessons boring but had an unrivalled love for science as a subject.

Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner
W. O. Bentley’s report card

A notable extracurricular activity in W.O.’s file while at Clifton college included his participation in the school’s cricket team. During one memorable game, the founder of Bentley batted for over an hour only to gain one single run!

Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner
W. O. Bentley during his years at Clifton College

His early pursuits in Clifton College inspired him and his brother to found Bentley Motors and designed a top tier sporting tourer in Bentley Motors in 1919.

Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner

During the Clifton College Percival dinner, headmaster Dr Tim Greene commended: “We are proud of the fact that the College has been able to provide a broad and enriching education to those who would not normally be able to access a school such as ours. Our ability to offer such support to future pupils relies heavily on the philanthropy of others, who have, through their personal generosity, changed the lives of young people.”

He added: “We are delighted to be part of Bentley’s Centenary celebrations and hugely appreciate the company’s involvement in the Percival Dinner; offering us all an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of our two former pupils in creating this iconic motor company.”

Bentley Bristol sponsored the Clifton College Percival dinner. During guests’ arrival, they displayed a Mulsanne and a Bentayga speed and guided attendants in touring the Bentley Motors Factory. The tour was part of the fundraising and included a charity auction to boost the night’s contributions.

The involvement of Bentley Bristol in the evening saw guests being met at the entrance by a Bentley Mulsanne and Bentayga Speed. Furthermore, they also offered as part of the charity auction, which contributed towards the overall fundraiser, a tour of the Bentley Motors’ factory.

Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner

The Percival dinner was named after Dr John Percival, the founding headmaster of Clifton College. He helped to lead Clifton to unmatched heights and was a strong supporter of women’s education and science subjects.

Bentley Shows Support at Clifton College Percival Dinner
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