Bespoke Hat Maker Marcel Rodrigues Opens a Savile Row Pop-Up Shop

In a resounding declaration of sartorial sophistication, the renowned bespoke hat artisan, Marcel Rodrigues, recently graced the revered 20 Savile Row with the inauguration of his pop-up boutique.

Famed for his exquisite craftsmanship in bespoke fedoras, Marcel Rodrigues is set to make history by becoming the first bespoke hatter to grace The Row, a district steeped in centuries of tailoring heritage.

His unique style is poised to enrich the bespoke landscape of Savile Row.

Bespoke Hat Maker Marcel Rodrigues Opens a Savile Row Pop-Up Shop

Tailoring Roots and Artisan Beginnings

The journey that led to this momentous occasion began with the founder, Marcel Steyn, who embarked on his sartorial odyssey as an apprentice at Cad & The Dandy, nestled on the hallowed grounds of Savile Row, back in 2008. It was in the midst of this venerable establishment that he imbibed the artistry of tailoring, honing his skills and nurturing his passion.

However, a desire to explore new horizons led Steyn to venture beyond the confines of London. It was during this sojourn that he discerned an unmet demand, a yearning for authentic bespoke hat-making. Undeterred by the challenges, Steyn began crafting hats in the confines of his garage in 2019. The discerning patrons of fine headwear quickly recognized the uniqueness of his creations, propelling his enterprise forward.

Bespoke Hat Maker Marcel Rodrigues Opens a Savile Row Pop-Up Shop

The demand for a more capacious and conducive workspace burgeoned, ultimately leading Steyn to Cornwall, where his clientele of hat enthusiasts grew exponentially. It was here that the brand’s distinct identity began to take shape. And now, in a defining moment, Marcel Rodrigues is poised to open its second location, nestled in the very heart of bespoke tailoring – Savile Row.

Crafting Elegance: The Art of Hat Making

For Marcel Rodrigues, the process of hat-making transcends the realm of mere fashion; it’s a craft that thrives on precision and personalisation. The genesis of a Rodrigues hat commences with an intimate client consultation, where desires, dreams, and aspirations are woven into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Every facet of this process is uniquely tailored and hand-crafted, right down to the intricacies of the lining.

The exquisite hat pelts, an integral element in every Rodrigues creation, are sourced as by-products. This conscientious choice aligns with the brand’s philosophy of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Marcel Rodrigues steers clear of contributing to fur farming demand, opting instead to utilise existing materials. Furthermore, the brand’s clothing line is a testament to its commitment to eco-conscious craftsmanship. It is meticulously fashioned using 100% renewable energy, cloth that bears the mark of sustainable sourcing, or remnants of deadstock.

Every hat bearing the Marcel Rodrigues insignia is painstakingly crafted, from inception to the final stitch, right on Savile Row. These bespoke creations are distinguished by an exclusively designed Savile Row lining, signifying a seamless blend of heritage and innovation.

Bespoke Hat Maker Marcel Rodrigues Opens a Savile Row Pop-Up Shop

A Resounding Welcome on Savile Row

Jenny Casebourne, Head of Portfolio at The Pollen Estate, expressed their elation, saying, “We are thrilled to welcome Marcel Rodrigues to the estate – a new bespoke hat maker on Savile Row. Having complimentary apparel, such as a hat maker, only strengthens the offer to customers and, in addition, supports our dedication to British craftsmanship.”

Marcel Steyn, the founder of Marcel Rodrigues, commented, “I am extremely honoured and excited to be on Savile Row again, not just as an apprentice tailor but as a bespoke hat maker in my own shop. We are thrilled to be making history as the first bespoke hatters to offer and subsequently craft a fully personalised experience for our clients.”

Marcel Rodrigues’ foray into Savile Row marks a historic chapter in the illustrious story of bespoke tailoring. The confluence of tailoring and bespoke hat-making promises a future where elegance knows no bounds, and sartorial dreams find their ultimate expression.

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