Biggest Shoe Trends You’re Going To Love In 2022

Nothing pleases a human more than a new pair of shoes. What are the biggest shoe Trends in 2022? Which models should you pay attention to in the new season? Let’s talk about it.

1. Rough Shoes

Our favorite rough leather shoes Shoe Me have been among the fashion trends for many seasons, and all of this is because of their convenience and unique style. Today they are a real hybrid of recent years: not only black but also colored, with a metallic effect, with or without a lock, lace-up.

Although the expanded sole and contrasting stitching are subtle references to a rebellious aesthetic, they serve to give conventional forms a modern twist.

2. Platform

Platforms began to appear in fashion collections as a more stable and comfortable alternative to high-heels shoes. Unlike models made of natural materials, such as wood and straw espadrilles, the platform returns in heavy leather boots of stylish dark color and berry-wine shade.

Shoes with such soles are guaranteed to make you stand on your feet confidently. Choose it if you are looking for an effective way to add a little height under a dress or to jeans with cuffs. Platform shoes are perfectly combined with an elegant coat or an oversized shortened jacket.

3. Lacing

Lacing on a heavy sole is a reference to the British culture of the 80s, and it will again become an actual trend this season. In natural tones and on a high platform – the designers have made some interesting decisions in this fashionable version. If you are in doubt, a good pair of lace-up boots and jeans will never let you down.

4. Loafers

These fashionable models are inspired by men’s clothing, which season does not lose its popularity. We like them for their versatility and stylish design. Fashion houses have added a stable wide heel to loafers, which makes them look even more attractive.

And if earlier we added loafers to our wardrobe in order to achieve the aesthetics of students, now there will be versions with color blocks, details with a “snake” print, and high platforms.

5. High Jockey Boots

Interest in riding fashion is becoming especially popular in the trends for the last years. And if last season designers offered us to try on cowboy boots (this trend is still relevant), today they have smooth leather riding boots at their order. Boots above the knee, or with wide tops – this version of shoes will be the most desirable for an everyday look this year.

6. Pumps

The pumps returned to us, but in an updated design. The silhouette is a bit retro, but still retains a modern look in collections, thanks to metallic materials. They will create a good combination with tights or with oversize clothing. Try on an image from the catwalks — with a dress or a suit, but instead of trousers, wear a thick wool midi skirt with flounces or a pleated one.

7. Chains

The trend to decorate shoes is widely represented this season. Large chains occupy a large position among fashion accessories. In this season, they can be found in clothes, bags, and, of course, stylish shoes. Heels, boots, and flats decorated with gilded ropes or thin chains appeared on designer catwalks.

Such shoes are irreplaceable at a party or at dinner in a restaurant with friends. Combine your favorite pair with an equally perfect dress — with sequins or a large bright print. For lovers of minimalism – a knitted, figure-hugging dress with a collar or an elongated jacket with tight tights.

8. Chelsea

Chelsea shoes are unmistakable, as their laconic design adds elegance and aristocracy to the image. They can look quite strict and professional for any business meeting or have a slightly bulky sole to be a reliable “companion” for active outdoor adventures. No wonder there were so many of them on the fashion catwalks this season.

This year, mix them with a midi skirt, a T-shirt, and put a leather jacket or trench coat on top of your shoulders. Create your casual look with Chelsea boots, don’t forget about another stylish chip, such as high socks.

9. Boots With A Sharp Nose

Biggest Shoe Trends You're Going To Love In 2022

If you have not yet purchased such a pair of shoes —smooth leather knee-high or shortened boots – this is your year. On the catwalks there are models with a pointed toe and high heels in classic black and dark brown, giving a luxurious elegance to complex and minimalistic images. An exquisite pair of boots with a pointed nose can be combined with a cashmere coat and cape. This model is perfect for dinners with friends and holidays. A great option for them – a dress, mini, midi, or maxi – is up to you, do not forget only about large accessories and a small clutch.

1. Fur Boots And Slippers

Fur clothing is especially popular this season, as modern technologies allow us to create artificial fur that looks like a natural. Some models on the catwalk looked like slippers, but in combination with elegant dresses and even business suits, doubts about their purpose disappear.

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