Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

As with any other surgical procedure, getting breast augmentation is a significant decision. You’ll need to educate yourself before going through it to know precisely what to expect. 

A quick browse online will provide you with a vast amount of information. But it can be confusing or misleading at times. Scheduling a consultation with an experienced and reliable surgeon is the first step to getting accurate details regarding the surgery. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

One common problem among women undergoing breast augmentation consultations is getting overwhelmed and nervous. When it’s time to ask questions, many end up drawing a blank. To avoid this from happening to you, write down everything you want to know in advance and ask them during the consultation. 

You can create your list of questions. But for starters, we recommend discussing the following things when consulting a healthcare professional about breast augmentation. 

1. Is Breast Augmentation Suitable For You? 

Although breast augmentation has helped millions of women feel more confident, the procedure isn’t always for everyone. Therefore, it would make sense to determine whether you’re qualified to undergo surgery. Your overall health, medical history, age, and desired breast size are among the crucial factors you might need to discuss with the doctor. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

2. How Will The Surgery Be Performed, And Where?

Different breast augmentation methods exist, but the most common type uses implants. Some use body fat as an augmentation material. During the consultation, ask the surgeon what options they offer and which will work best for you. If price is a significant factor, don’t hesitate to discuss it with the surgeon. 

Breast augmentation should be performed inside an accredited surgical facility like other plastic surgical procedures. Your safety is most important, so ask where they will carry out the surgery. It should be in an authorized center fully equipped with the latest medical paraphernalia. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

3. What Is The Appropriate Breast Augmentation Size For You?

Different breast augmentation sizes are available, depending on particular body types, cosmetic goals, and lifestyles. Choosing the right size is one of the biggest concerns among patients. But this is something you don’t have to worry about.

Your surgeon can help determine what is appropriate for you. They might ask you to discuss the overall appearance you’re aiming for and show you before and after photographs of their successful procedures. 

4. How To Ensure You Get The Best Surgical Result?

The recovery process from breast augmentation usually lasts three to seven days. However, it depends on the type of procedure you receive. Besides asking how long it will take you to recover, inquire about what you’ll need to observe before and after your surgery. 

Every surgeon may have slightly different protocols. They are all vital to ensure you get the safest and best quality results after your procedure and recovery. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

5. What Is The Surgeon’s Background? 

The most critical decision you will make about breast augmentation is choosing the right surgeon. You want to ensure you’re in the safest hands possible, so don’t hesitate to ask about the surgeon’s background.

Make sure to go with a board-certified plastic surgeon with the required years of hands-on training, examinations, and experience. 

Breast Augmentation Consultation: 5 Things To Discuss

Have Realistic Expectations About Breast Augmentation

Your consultation with the surgeon is the best opportunity to learn everything you need to know about breast augmentation. Discuss every concern and doubt you have in mind during the consultation. This will help you gain realistic expectations of the surgical procedure, recovery, and outcome.

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