Breitling Launches New Navitimer 8 Collection

Zurich | Switzerland

Hosted at a red-carpet event at Zurich’s Hallenstadion, luxury brand Breitling launched its new Navitimer 8 collection. A collection of personalities from the entertainment industry, the world of culture and business made up the impressive guest list of around 600 distinguished guests. The evening started off with Breitling’s new global CEO, Georges Kern, invited the guests and shortly thereafter introduced the brand’s next chapter.

The launch of the new Navitimer 8 collection also served as a tribute to Huit Aviation Department he founded in 1938 that he founded in 1938. The name refers to the number eight (huit in French) which Willy Breitling chose as a reference to the eight-day power reserve that was considered essential for on-board timekeeping instruments on aeroplanes. The brand new collection has been built on the legacy of the iconic luxury brand. It further is an ode to Breitling’s earliest pilot’s watches. This heralds back to the period that became a pivotal milestone in the brand’s cementing its path to become what it has today.

A significant moment of the evening was the introduction of Gregory Breitling, the grandson of Willy Breitling. Mr Breitling joined the event to witness the launch of the brand’s new direction as well as to celebrate his family’s extraordinary heritage. Throughout the evening guests enjoyed a lavish dinner that was prepared by one of the premier chefs in the world René Schudel. Guests were entertained by a pair of films about the brand in between courses. The films depicted conversations with Nick Foulkes, George Kern and chronograph expert Fred Mandelbaum. In these films, the participants spoke and focused on both Breitling’s heritage as well as its progressive future.

As a treat to lovers of the brand, Fred Mandelbaum brought a selection of 60 of favourite his classic vintage Breitling watches. The collection of timepieces set against the new Navitimer 8 collection showed a visual representation of the brand’s rich and diverse heritage as well as the possibilities that the future holds.

Named as global CEO of Breitling in the summer of 2017, Georges Kern continuously spoke on the theme of the evening throughout – rich heritage and its direction. George Kern has gone on the record committing himself to take Breitling into what he described as “a legendary future.”

“I am very proud to have the chance to introduce the new Navitimer 8 collection here at our second major Legendary Future launch event. It pays homage both to the brand’s innovations and its accomplishments in the pioneering days of aviation and is also an indication of what lies ahead.”

Following the dinner, guests could experience the collection up close at the after-dinner party. This included a series of exciting activities that highlighted the brand’s innovations, pioneering achievements as well as its design.

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