Can It Be Done? Tips For Planning Your Pandemic Wedding In 2021

So you’ve found the one. You bought a ring for her, planned your proposal thoroughly, popped the question, and she said yes! You find your heart swelling with joy and hope for the future as you make plans to permanently be with the person you love most, the person who completes you.

And then, right when it looks as though the future is going to be bright, the world ends.

The COVID-19 pandemic was not an easy ordeal for anyone, with the world effectively shutting down overnight, businesses laid off their workers while they shut their doors; it became unsafe to visit friends and family members (driving a large majority of the population into conditions of intense social isolation), and the world became confined to the four walls of your home… no way out.

Can It Be Done? Tips For Planning Your Pandemic Wedding In 2021

It was especially difficult for those who had made life-altering plans, like, say, getting married to their significant others.

However, with vaccinations against the virus becoming widely available and the proliferation of COVID testing, you may be considering finally tying the knot sometime this year, or perhaps in early 2022. While the virus hasn’t passed us over by any means, you can indeed have the COVID safe wedding of your dreams, even in times of turmoil such as these.

Like lilacs from dead soil, spring rain stirring seemingly dead roots, you can carve out a little slice of happiness for yourself as COVID continues to make the rounds, driven on by anti-vax sentiment and political indifference.

To have your fairy tale wedding in the midst of this Mad-Max-esqué wasteland, read on to learn everything you need to know to host a safe, splendid wedding.

Make Sure You Take Precautions

Can It Be Done? Tips For Planning Your Pandemic Wedding In 2021

While the pandemic is starting to pass us by, the constant evolution of the virus has left us with even deadlier variants, such as Delta and Gamma, that are able to infect others and spread rapidly within seconds of exposure. As such, you should probably hold your wedding in an outdoor venue, with appropriate spacing between the tables.

If you have a large audience of attendees, you might want to consider having them wear masks unless eating or drinking. Have sanitizer readily available, and make sure that when food is distributed that buffet-style set-ups are avoided at all costs; you wouldn’t want one person contaminating the food and your event becoming a verified super-spreader.

Hire The Right Personnel

Can It Be Done? Tips For Planning Your Pandemic Wedding In 2021

Your dream wedding will be carried on the backs of the people you hire to provide the requisite services, constructed bit by bit by each of their contributions and adding up to a wedding for the books. As such, you should take care to hire a wedding planner with an extensive portfolio.

Keep in mind that consistency is key as well; If you hire an engagement photographer in Houston, you’ll want to use that same photographer for your wedding as well, if they’re available.

Hire a caterer with experience catering large events like weddings, and take care to ensure that the menu reflects the theme and caters to any dietary restrictions your guests may have. You will also want to make sure all of the people you hire are vaccinated or willing to take COVID tests prior to the event, as should any of these people become infected with COVID, your dream wedding can quickly become a disaster.

Decide On A Theme

Can It Be Done? Tips For Planning Your Pandemic Wedding In 2021

Despite the times we live in, your wedding should transport you to a brighter future, evoking pre-COVID times while also projecting the happiness and regality deserving of the occasion. Have a discussion with your fiance about what kind of theme you want for your wedding and how you can best carve out your own slice of happiness in these trying times.

It’s been a rough time for all of us, but especially for those of us who have had to put off our special days. With the pandemic finally beginning to abate, we deserve to grab hold of any slice of happiness we can reclaim. Have your wedding and make it one to remember.

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