Choosing The Right Shoes For The Perfect Occasion: 8 Useful Tips

Ever wondered what’s the first thing people notice when they look at you? Here’s what: your shoes!

This may come as a shocker for some, but this is the truth. In fact, what you wear on your feet speaks volumes about who you are and what you do.

More so, choosing the wrong shoes can not only destroy your outfit but derail your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable.

The consequences can be excruciating if you forget to consider the occasion for which you wear the shoes.

So, in such a situation, what does a lady have to do to pick the kind of shoes that not only give off the impression that she’s ready to play but also blend well with where she’s going?

For starters, you need to understand your requirements. Secondly, read the following tips to get a good gist on picking a shoe that does the needful.

1. The Outfit

Choosing The Right Shoes For The Perfect Occasion: 8 Useful Tips

First things first, you must decide on your outfit according to the occasion. After you’ve done that, the next step is finding the right shoes.

You can mix it up or match – it depends on how you feel. Shoes can significantly raise your appearance, so they require more thought.

If you wear your shoes at a friend’s wedding, for example, find something comfortable and beautiful (such as pearl wedding shoes or something else).

On the other hand, if you love to wear sundresses, prefer to wear tan sandals or bright flats as these will effortlessly highlight your look.

Platform heels are ideal if you don’t have to walk a lot. Similarly, if you regularly wear jeans or t-shirts, a stylish pair of canvas shoes or sneakers makes more sense.

2. Know Your Shape

Apart from the outfit, the next thing you should keep in mind is your foot’s shape. The shape of your foot can indicate the most refined type of shoe for you.

For example, support and stability are essential features to consider in a shoe with a high arch. If you have flat feet, comfort is vital.

Instead of trying to match the shape of your feet to a specific style, it may be better to go with a look with less height or more room in the toe area because it will give your foot so much space.

3. The Color 

Choosing The Right Shoes For The Perfect Occasion: 8 Useful Tips

Color is unquestionably essential. What works well for you? Your intimate sense of style determines much.

In fact, if you want to know how to choose fashionable shoes for women, you must consider your taste.

Choose colors that complement what you already have in your closet. Consider the outfits you intend to wear in the coming season or two.

This will give you hints about the shades and colors that will work best for you. You can combine the shoes with a few new accessories and rock your look.

4. Take Your Feet Measurements After Every Two Years

Yes, even as a grown-up, every two years. You’re almost certainly aware that pregnancy can change your shoe size. Still, even if you’ve never given birth, your feet are possibly a different size than they were in college.

As you get older, your feet continue to grow taller and broader. So, every two years, evaluate your size. This is also an excellent reason to get some new shoes!

5. Avoid Synthetic Shoes

Choosing The Right Shoes For The Perfect Occasion: 8 Useful Tips

We all hope for sunshine when we’re out and about. Still, hot weather can be challenging on our feet, especially if we have wide feet, and even more so if we wear shoes that do not allow our feet to relax.

While some beautiful shoes are made using artificial materials, many options are made using synthetic materials that do not allow feet to relax.

Specific synthetic materials in shoes can cause your feet to swell and sweat, causing your shoes to rub and possibly cause callouses.

So pick materials that allow your feet to breathe if you wear closed-toe shoes, such as canvas, suede, or leather.

Even if it isn’t a hot day, feet tend to swell as the day progresses, so choose shoes made of supple, soft materials that can grow with your feet. Canvas, soft leathers, and suede shoes are ideal.

Your best bet is to wear shoes with an adorable lining. Moreover, on a hot day, avoid wearing patent shoes.

6. Depending On Your Level Of Comfort 

Comfort is way more important than style – let that sink in. Thus, it is essential to remember that if something is out of one’s comfort zone, one will not always follow the latest fashion. Your feet may suffer if you wear a shoe that pinches.

Also, choosing comfort over design has the following advantages:

  • It prevents issues such as corns or aches
  • Allows you to focus more on the work or event
  • Improves confidence

If you buy the wrong or painful shoes, you will develop corns. The shoe can cause skin hardening by applying pressure to the feet.

Furthermore, a sloppy shoe can cause a crash or pressure on your ankles or joints, resulting in joint pains. In such cases, choose a shoe with plenty of high-quality materials and cushioning, but you can also get specialized insoles online to make your shoes fit better.

7. The Shape Of The Toe Can Make Or Break A Shoe 

Choosing The Right Shoes For The Perfect Occasion: 8 Useful Tips

When selecting the right shoes, it is critical to consider the shape of the toe. Pointy-toed shoes have a bad reputation because they force the toes into a tapered form.

A wide-fit shoe with a pointed toe, on the other hand, can be both comfortable and stylish.

Also, here’s a suggestion: pick shoes with an almond-shaped toe box if your feet are square at the toes, and this toe box is less pointed and allows for more square feet.

8. Consider Your Options Carefully

Rushing your decision to choose shoes for any occasion is not the best thing to do.

There are so many multiple kinds, budgets, and stores to choose from that you will need to find something which exactly fits your needs. This is especially important if you have a limited budget. Take your time looking around and trying on shoes until you are delighted with your choice.

You can even look around online and choose a few combinations to try on to help you make your decision.


There are a few tips to help you choose the right shoes for the occasion.

The events for which you require the best footwear are not confined to those listed above, but they are worth considering and enough to get the job done.

So invest in high-quality shoes to notice a difference. Women spend a lot of time on their feet and must choose the appropriate shoes for the occasion. So use the tips above, and you’ll find that you always have the proper footwear, no matter your plans.

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