Unveiling Rare Treasures: Christie’s Wine & Spirits Online Auction

Christie’s London, renowned for its distinguished auctions of fine art and collectables, extends its legacy with an exquisite showcase of oenological marvels.

Alongside the eagerly awaited live auction event, “A Legacy Preserved: The Last Treasures from The Avery Wine Collection,” the esteemed institution presents another gem: “Fine and Rare Wines Online: Featuring Historical Vintage Port from the Cellars of Raby Castle.”

This digital affair, from 7th to 20th June, promises aficionados an unparalleled journey through history and taste.

Historical Vintage Port: A Castle’s Legacy

Step back in time as you explore the history of Raby Castle in County Durham, a medieval fortress of tradition and refinement. From the cellars emerge over 750 lots of fine wines, Madeira and select spirits, carefully selected to delight the senses.

The pièce de résistance? A selection of Vintage Port, perfectly preserved in the castle’s ancient vaults and loved through the generations. Each bottle tells a story of yesteryear, from the opulence of Dow 1924 to the seduction of Fonseca 1934 and the legendary Taylor 1948, every sip is a journey through time and craftsmanship.

Royal Tribute: Cuvée Charles III

Prepare to be enthralled by a royal tribute embodied in six bottles of Cuvée Charles III, a clandestine blend from the prestigious Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Crafted to commemorate the distinguished visit of King Charles III and Queen Camilla to Bordeaux in 2023, this enigmatic elixir embodies the essence of prestige and reality.

Unveiling Rare Treasures: Christie's Wine & Spirits Online Auction

Beyond its sensory delights, the sale of these exclusive lots serves a noble cause, with full proceeds dedicated to The King’s Trust Group, championing youth empowerment initiatives on a global scale.

Burgundy’s Finest: Leroy’s Legacy

Burgundy is at its best in Domaine Leroy’s rare wines, a reflection of the terroir and craftsmanship of the region. Dive into a world of flavours and aromas as each bottle tells a story of tradition and quality.

Alongside these Leroy gems are collectors’ items from Chateau Rayas, an Italian anthology and a carefully selected collection of Dom Perignon 1990, a connoisseur’s treasure trove.

Unveiling Rare Treasures: Christie's Wine & Spirits Online Auction

A Legacy Rekindled: The Avery Wine Collection

Enter the Avery family cellar with “A Legacy Preserved”, a live auction of wines of the highest provenance and quality. Spanning two centuries of winemaking, this luxurious collection gives a glimpse into the refined tastes of bygone eras.

Each bottle is a story of elegance and sophistication, from top Bordeaux to fine Burgundy, luxury Champagne to New World varietals. Following the success of Part I in 2016, this highly anticipated event will delight wine lovers and collectors, cementing Christie’s as the go-to destination for the world’s most important collections.

Insight from the Expert

Offering insight into the upcoming auction, Noah May, Head of Wine & Spirits Department, EMEA, underscores the anticipation and excellence that define Christie’s auctions. He remarks, “Collections of such stature further cement Christie’s reputation as a leader in bringing the most prestigious cellars to auction and reinforce our standing as the auction house of choice for distinguished collections worldwide.”

Unveiling Rare Treasures: Christie's Wine & Spirits Online Auction

In a world where heritage meets innovation, Christie’s continues to set the standard for fine wine auctions, inviting enthusiasts to partake in the ultimate journey of taste, tradition, and discovery.


In the culmination of this exquisite showcase of oenological treasures, Christie’s Wine & Spirits Online Auction stands as a testament to the enduring allure of fine wines and spirits.

From the cellars of Raby Castle to the châteaux of Bordeaux and Burgundy, every bottle is a story of history, craftsmanship and tradition.

As collectors and connoisseurs indulge in this sensory experience they not only get to drink great wines but also become guardians of heritage and legacy. With Christie’s expert curation and commitment to quality, the auction solidifies Christie’s as the ultimate in luxury and refinement in the world of wine auctions.

Whether you drink a rare Vintage Port or a royal tribute, come and toast to timeless beauty and perfection at Christie’s Wine & Spirits auctions.

Images: Christie’s

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