Club Health – London’s Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic

We recently sat down with Club Health to discuss their success, cutting-edge facilities and what sets them apart from the rest.

The current state of physical well-being is more important than ever. Studies have shown that those who engage in regular physical activity are healthier and happier than those who do not.

The importance of physical activity not only improves physical health but can also provide psychological benefits such as improved mood, enhanced self-esteem and reduced stress. With this in mind, it is increasingly important to choose a discerning facility when looking for support with physical well-being.

London’s premier Rehab & Performance Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services designed to help individuals reach their full potential. These services include Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates, all tailored to individual needs. In addition, the clinic offers Medical Massage which helps improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.

All treatments are delivered by an expert team of professionals with many years of experience in their field. By selecting a facility such as London’s Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic, individuals can be assured that they are receiving the best possible care for their needs.

Choosing a reliable and knowledgeable provider is essential to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible and get the most out of your experience. A quality provider will provide a detailed assessment process that considers an individual’s medical history and body composition before devising a tailored plan for treatment and exercise.

This kind of personalised approach has been proven to lead to faster recovery times, as well as greater long-term results in terms of overall well-being improvement.

So, to find out more about their cutting-edge facility, we recently sat down with them to discuss their success, facilities and what sets them apart from the rest.

What inspired the founder of Club Health to create this holistic wellness clinic?

Club Heath was founded after Luis Ribeiro, the Club Health Founder & Clinical Director, spotted a gap in healthcare. Physiotherapy is seen as a self-standing type of Treatment for athletes or people suffering from injury. Luis sees it as necessary maintenance, both for prevention and cure. Another gap Club Health aims to bridge is the 360º approach to well-being. Providing high-end Treatments from Physiotherapy to Clinical Pilates, to Nutrition all under one roof ensures continuity and results.

Luis Ribeiro has made it his mission to help people in the United Kingdom and beyond, to live life to the fullest and reach their full potential through personalised care. He focuses not only on providing relief to pain, but also on the prevention of injuries and the improvement of overall wellness, which leads to longevity of life.

What type of tailored solutions does Club Health provide to improve physical and mental health?

At Club Health we do not offer any “off-the-shelf” solutions or group classes. Every Treatment is 100% bespoke to the Patient’s needs. By doing this we ensure that each body imbalance is addressed and every specific goal is met. As an example, our Team will approach an injured golfer’s Plan of Care in a different way than a Patient struggling with pregnancy-induced back-pain, or a Long Covid sufferer looking to return to training.

What is Physiotherapy & Rehab Training and how can it benefit individuals?

Physiotherapy in general is used to manipulate, release and realign the body. This is done through exercise prescription and manual work. Manual Therapy is used by Physiotherapists to treat musculoskeletal injuries & conditions. It includes manipulation and kneading of muscles, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation.

Rehab Training focuses on addressing body imbalances, chronic/acute injuries and chronic conditions. The aim of Rehab Training as opposed to common Personal Training is to better one’s movement patterns & posture and alleviate pain by reconditioning the body to move correctly. It can also be used preventatively to protect one’s body from future injuries/pain or conditions they are prone to.

Club Health - London's Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic

How does Medical Massage Therapy help in treating individuals from the inside out?

Medical massage as opposed to generic spa-like treatments addresses the Patient’s specific needs aiming at correcting issues at the root instead of aiming purely at relaxation or generic goals, like increasing blood circulation which will be achieved anyway through Medical Massage and Manual Therapy.

Can you tell me more about Clinical Pilates and how is it different from traditional Pilates?

The main difference between Pilates and Clinical Pilates is the medical approach. While Pilates can be a generic fitness regime done one-on-one or in Classes, Clinical Pilates is used for rehabilitation as well as for addressing body imbalances, weaknesses or posture issues.

Our signature Clinical Pilates Treatments can improve pelvic floor strengthening, posture, coordination, flexibility & mobility as well as muscle strength and body alignment.

Club Health - London's Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic

Patients struggling with anxiety will also see a decrease in stress levels, during and after their sessions due to the breathwork and mind–body connection required.

Every session is part of the Patient’s prescribed Plan, always private and guided by one of our Clinical Pilates Specialists.

What are the state-of-the-art facilities available at both Chelsea & Notting Hill locations?

Both Club Health Clinics are designed with the Patient’s Journey and overall experience in mind. We want patients to feel at home and relaxed the moment they step into one of our Clinics.

The rooms include two premium, tranquil Treatment Rooms, a Rehab & Conditioning Area with state-of-the-art equipment and a Pilates Room equipped with a custom-designed Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel.

At CH Chelsea & Notting Hill Patients can use the stunning showers and restrooms before or after their sessions to facilitate their routines and leave no obstacles in reaching their goals. Toiletries and towels are also provided.

Are there any amenities that patients can enjoy such as coffee or shakes/juices/elixirs after their session in the lounge room?

At both Clinics, Patients are offered coffee & tea at the reception area. At Club Health Notting Hill, Patients can enjoy Cold-Pressed Juices, Elixirs, Shakes and our True Specialty Coffee in the Lounge area. True also offers Meal Plans & a healthy Snack range which Patients can order daily/weekly & collect from both of our Clinics.

How do these amenities help people to decompress both mentally and physically?

Every little detail is provisioned at Club Health. We ensure that the lighting, atmosphere, and service are all Patient-focused and designed to help our Patients unwind. Our Patient Care Team will take every necessary step to make the Patient feel welcome, comfortable and at ease before, during and after Treatment.

Could you describe a typical evaluation process for a patient at Club Health?

The Initial Consultation & Treatment is done by one of our Physiotherapists or Osteopaths. During this one-hour session, the Practitioner will evaluate the existing conditions, if any, and provide a detailed diagnosis. After identifying the Patient’s needs and goals through the assessment and thorough conversation, a Plan of Care will be put together to address every aspect.

Club Health - London's Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic

Who makes up the team of experts that provides treatments at Club Health?

Our Team consists of the Patient Care Team that ensures all Patient needs are met. The Rehab Team is led by our Clinical Director, Luis Ribeiro and includes three Rehab & Conditioning Specialists, two Clinical Pilates Specialists, two Physiotherapists and one Osteopath. The Team always growing to provide more solutions to our Patients and meet their needs.

Does each patient receive an individualised plan based on their diagnosis or is there a generic approach used for all cases?

Yes, each patient receives a bespoke Plan of Care derived from the diagnosis, their needs and goals. We don’t use any generic Plans at all, every Journey and session is unique to each patient as no two Patients face the same issues, have the same bodies or aim for the same goals. We want to address everyone individually and make them think about who they are at 100% so we can get them there.

What sets Club Health apart from other wellness clinics in London or even the UK as a whole?

Our personalised and holistic approach as well as our exceptional service is what sets us apart from other Clinics. At CH Patients have a complete Team of Practitioners focused on their specific short- and long-term goals. We strive to give patients the results they dream of and ensure those are lifelong and sustainable. We don’t believe in the quick-fix approaches that many Physio/Osteo Clinics adopt. In fact, we have many Patients coming to us after failing Treatments at other Clinics.

At Club Health we don’t treat the symptoms, we treat the problem at its root after a specialised diagnosis takes place.

Our solutions-oriented approach looks at every aspect of a Patient’s life including their hobbies, lifestyle, habits and goals. Every Patient’s journey always begins with the Initial Consultation which will be used to create a bespoke long-term Plan of Care to ensure that not only the condition is treated but it’s also prevented from recurring.

Treatment is always multifaceted and can include a number of practices from Physiotherapy to Clinical Pilates. All Treatments are private and bespoke following the CH protocols and the Patients Plan of Care. 

All Treatments take place under one roof at the day, time and Clinic that works for the Patient. Our Team is accessible 7 days a week for support and appointments.

How often should a patient receive treatment at Club Health in order to see results?

Patients will see immediate relief after their Initial Consultation & Treatment. In order to maintain these results and keep the body aligned, depending on the condition/goals our Team will prescribe a Plan of Care which will determine the number, type and frequency of sessions as well as the length of the Plan. We have Patients that started seeing a drop in chronic pain after 3 weeks, or avoided spinal surgery in 6 sessions and continued with Strength & Conditioning or Clinical Pilates thereafter.

Are there any additional services provided by Club Health that are not mentioned above, such as lifestyle advice or nutritional coaching perhaps?

At Club Health our mission is to provide our patients with as many solutions and options as possible. We have therefore launched our own Supplements line Healthlab, our Food & Nutrition sister company True and we will soon be launching our mobile app for all CH Patients. The Club Health app will be used to prescribe personalised training sessions to ensure continuity and results while the Patient is abroad or if they need to do additional training/mobility work at home. The CH app, as opposed to fitness apps out there, is not using an algorithm to determine the training plans. The plans are prescribed by the Patient’s Practitioners and always supervised by the Clinical Director, Luis Ribeiro.

Is there an age restriction when it comes to receiving treatments at Club Health, or can anyone attend regardless of age group or gender identity?

At Club Health we see a wide range of age groups. From young children to people in their 80’s, always address their different needs and goals with a personalised approach.

Club Health - London's Premier Rehab & Performance Clinic

Are there any ongoing projects that aim to educate people about holistic health and well-being through talks given by practitioners from your team, workshops etc.?

The Club Health Insider is being launched on February 6th with the first Talk “Growing Greatness: Empowering Our Youth to Reach their Full Potential“. Through The Club Health Insider, Club Health aims to educate, spread awareness and break down misconceptions around health and wellbeing through seminars, workshops, talks & bulletins.

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