Constanzia Yurashko Spring Summer 2020 Collection

We take a closer look at the Constanzia Yurashko Spring Summer 2020 Collection showcased at London Fashion Week.

This year saw the Constanzia Yurashko Spring Summer 2020 Collection’s first showcase with Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. The collection in itself is a bold and explorative line that showcases the anti-movement where preconceived notions of silhouettes are challenged.

It has the kind of personal reflection that is only truly seen with independent lines and pioneer-style designers. Originally from Moldovia, Constantia Iurasco-Andries worked in the London Fashion Scene before returning to her home country where she founded her own label.

The Constanzia Yurashko Spring Summer 2020 Collection utilizes a minimalist palate with flat linen-white, black and charcoal used exclusively throughout. Although the prolific usage of tailoring is abundant in the collection, the pieces have an almost anti-tailoring element to it. With exaggerated and oversized silhouettes used in each piece. This has further been explored by the usage of contrasting shapes and patterns in the same garment. Another bit of contrast can be seen where the pressed look meets a mix of organic and pleated-ruffles.

Commenting on the collection, Constantia Iurasco-Andries commented: “My work for this specific collection involves lots of care and attention to details. All the embellishments, including the fabric textures, were made by hand here in our atelier. I am very excited to be launching our first menswear line. I’ve always wanted to do both womenswear and menswear. The new collection provided the perfect moment to do it. I am pleased with the result and feel a sense of fulfilment and completion.”

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