Create A Brand That Connects With People

In the modern-day, it doesn’t suffice to create a brand and sell a product. 89% of consumers say they look for authenticity in a brand, and 66% think transparency is essential. Why? Because people want to know they can trust and connect with a brand. From charitable work to the resources used to create the product or service, there are tons of ways you can create a successful brand image and connect with people. Keep reading to learn more.

A Website Is The Best Content Delivery Platform

Create A Brand That Connects With People

A website isn’t the only content delivery platform, but it is one of the best. Free website templates have made it easy to create a responsive website that consumers can easily navigate through. Plus, many free template platforms come with interactive features, such as mailing lists, that make connecting with people even easier.

According to research, 9 out of 10 shoppers will visit a website first before making a purchase, and over 75% of people made at least one purchase online in the last month. When shopping online, consumers are looking for a few things. The first thing they want is a seamless experience. Drop-down menus make it easy for anyone to navigate a website, so consider the sections you want and create that menu!

Most consumers also want to see the product or examples of the service before they buy it. Professional images help your product to sell itself. Along with SEO-friendly product descriptions – products become more desirable and even easier to find in search engines. Product descriptions should be short, sweet, and even emotional. They’re a great way of selling the story of the product before actually selling the product.

Although there are multiple other things to consider when designing a website, as shown in this article, we’ll finish with shopping cart experiences. Nearly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, which you might be able to prevent with things like a live chat service, account creation – so consumer details can be stored, and saving card details. Realistically consumers want to complete their transaction in a few clicks rather than tons.

Consider Easy Fulfillment Methods

Selling products isn’t easy, so consider the fulfilment methods that should make life a little easier. One worth talking about is dropshipping, a fulfilment method that has made the headlines a lot lately. Why? Because the dropshipping fulfilment method is one of the simplest to use.

Dropshipping is a third-party fulfilment method. Through website builders such as WIX, you can use free templates to create a dropshipping website with ease. They’re the same as any other website, except the products you’re advertising won’t be stocked by you. Instead, you’ll partner with a third-party supplier who can package and send the product for you.

It’s one of the least hands-on fulfilment methods, and it makes the most sense if you want to consider cutting costs. Once a purchase is made – you use the money to pay the third-party supplier who has the product to ship it. There’s no product waste, there’s more profit to be made, and it’s a simple and easy fulfilment method to get you started. Experts recommend starting with a dropshipping business and moving onto another fulfilment method as the demand presents itself.

Use The Power Of Social Media

Create A Brand That Connects With People

Social media is a powerful thing indeed. The influence of social media is astonishing, especially Instagram. Thanks to the era of Instagram influencers, consumers now look to social media for product research and purchases more than ever before. One study found that consumers are four times more likely to buy a product if influenced by social media.

And 91% of people believe social media has the power to connect people, and it does. It’s so easy to create a social media post, particularly on Instagram and Twitter, where hashtags propel a social media post to reach more people and market your brand. If not to market your brand, connect with people.

64% of people want brands to connect with them via social media, and you can easily do it by liking posts, sending direct messages, sharing your own content, and much more. Social media is one of the simplest platforms to navigate. Posting daily information alone can have a massive impact on how you connect with people.

Sell Your Story

What better way to connect with people than to sell the story of your brand. Consumers want to know where your brand has come from and how you developed your products or services. It makes your brand much more relatable – especially if you sell your personal story to becoming an entrepreneur.

Instead of throwing constant facts and statistics, which can sometimes be overwhelming to people who only want to purchase a product or service, storytelling simplifies the information and provokes an emotional response. Interestingly, 77% of shopping is based on emotion.

Creating a brand that connects with people is a long-term business strategy that should help generate more leads. A brand that connects with people is more realistic, trustworthy, and typically more successful.

Consider your market and start connecting.

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