Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

In today’s travel landscape, discerning globetrotters increasingly prioritize culinary adventures when planning their journeys.

Recent statistics from Virtuoso advisors indicate a significant surge in culinary travel, with 70% reporting an uptick in this trend over the past year. Dining experiences have now become paramount in the decision-making process when selecting a holiday destination.

Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

To cater to this growing appetite for culinary exploration, the esteemed luxury hotel group Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts has introduced tailor-made cooking experiences and tantalizing menus across its captivating collection of properties in Mauritius, Tunis, Zanzibar, and the Maldives. These delectable dining offerings not only showcase the authentic flavours and centuries-old recipes of each destination but also feature a selection of beloved international cuisines.

Guests are invited to immerse themselves in traditional cooking techniques, utilizing freshly harvested herbs and vegetables from the Earth Basket—an on-site kitchen garden available year-round at all Cenizaro resorts. This sustainable initiative is designed to spotlight the bountiful local produce of each unique destination.

The Residence Mauritius: Unveiling the Secrets of Creole Cuisine

Travellers seeking to uncover new flavours and culinary traditions should include The Residence Mauritius in their travel itinerary. Here, they can delve into the mysteries of Creole cuisine and master beloved Mauritian dishes, including the irresistible fresh faratas and flavorful fish vindaye, as well as the rich and aromatic Creole cari poule, a delectable chicken curry.

Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

All of this takes place under the expert guidance of the resident head chef. The gastronomic journey continues within the resort, where four enticing restaurants and bars await. Guests can savour a diverse array of recipes from around the world, whether indulging in traditional local cuisine in The Dining Room or partaking in a decadent afternoon tea in the lounge.

These culinary experiences are enhanced by the breathtaking backdrop of the Indian Ocean and lush tropical gardens, enveloping guests in an atmosphere of pure luxury and relaxation.

The Residence Zanzibar: Embracing the Essence of Spice Island

Embrace the exotic flavours of Spice Island at The Residence Zanzibar, a sanctuary of serenity nestled on the picturesque southwest coast. Here, guests can discover the distinct aromas and traditional textures of Zanzibari cuisine while acquiring age-old culinary techniques from the resort’s chef.

Authentic dishes like Mandazi (a form of fried bread), Vitubua (coconut rice pancakes), and the must-try Wali Na Maharage (red beans and rice) await exploration. The Pavilion Restaurant beckons guests with a tantalizing fusion of international and local flavours, infused with the spices and essence of Zanzibar.

Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

For those seeking romantic beachfront dining, The Dining Room and The Jetty offer panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, paired with a menu that captures the very soul of this enchanting island.

The Residence Tunis: A Culinary Odyssey in Tunisia

At The Residence Tunis, an opulent beachfront hotel overlooking the Mediterranean, culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat. The resort’s culinary team excels in bringing the vibrant flavours of Tunisia to life, offering a unique fusion of traditional North African cuisine and international favourites across its four exceptional restaurants.

Guests can savour the essence of Tunis at El Dar, relish oven-cooked pizzas and fresh salads poolside at Zembra, indulge in a Mediterranean-inspired feast at L’Olivier, or embark on a journey through classic Chinese dishes at Li Bai. Don’t miss the daily traditional tea service—a ritual embodying the warmth of Tunisian hospitality.

Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

Additionally, guests have the opportunity to recreate their favourite Tunisian dishes with the guidance of the resort’s culinary team, including the renowned shakshouka, a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion, and garlic.

The Residence Maldives: A Gastronomic Paradise in the Indian Ocean

The Residence Maldives, consisting of The Residence Falhumaafushi and its sister property, The Residence Dhigurah, beckons travellers to explore the pristine Gaafu Alifu Atoll and savour an array of culinary delights. Connected by a remarkable 1km bridge—the longest private bridge in the Maldives—guests can effortlessly move between the two resorts to indulge in a wide range of cuisines from around the world.

Savour the freshest seafood at the Falhumaa restaurant, relish delectable Asian dishes at The Dining Room, enjoy Mediterranean favourites at Café Del Sol, and experience Italian gourmet cuisine at Long Island. A unique offering at The Residence Maldives is the opportunity for guests to select their own produce from the Earth Basket, allowing them to craft vegan delicacies in the resort’s kitchen, incorporating locally sourced edible plants for a truly nutritious and unforgettable dining experience.

Exploring Culinary Wonders with Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts


Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts elevates the art of culinary travel by inviting guests to embark on gastronomic journeys that transcend boundaries and celebrate the rich tapestry of global flavours. From mastering Creole cuisine in Mauritius embracing Zanzibari spice, savouring Tunisian delicacies, and indulging in a Maldivian paradise, these properties offer a symphony of tastes and experiences that resonate with even the most discerning of palates.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, these resorts not only provide an unforgettable culinary adventure but also pay homage to the local communities and ecosystems that make these destinations truly remarkable. So, for those in search of unforgettable gourmet escapes and authentic epicurean experiences, Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts beckons with open arms and sumptuous feasts for the senses.

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