Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel: A Restorative Journey To Wellbeing

When it comes to the world of travel, and bucket list destinations to visit, you need to look no further than Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel.

Opened in 2004, the Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel, which is situated in Corfu, can be found nestled amongst the foothills of Corfu Island.

Whether you are looking for a rejuvenating getaway, or to plan your dream wedding destination, Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel offers it all.

This is why we at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, would like to present Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel with an award for Best Luxury Wellness Boutique Hotel in Greece 2022. 

Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel: A Restorative Journey To Wellbeing

The philosophy of Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel has put wellness above all else, with its world-class spa being one of the main attractions.

This temple of relaxation offers a handpicked variety of services that leave their clients feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

Hydrotherapy, massage, and indigenous natural beauty treatment are just some of the methods used that will create a sense of peace and wellness like never experienced before.

The natural environment of Corfu has served as the main source of inspiration for the hotel.

Everything from the hotel’s design to the food that you eat has utilized both the inspiration and raw ingredients and materials of Corfu Island. 

Delfino Blu has embraced its indigenous roots by carrying the natural theme of the island throughout every element of the hotel.

Everything from clay and seaweed used in the spa treatments, to the traditional food inspired by the Mediterranean diet, is sourced from the natural environment of the island of Corfu.

This gives the Delfino Blu one of the most authentic atmospheres which not only aids in their client’s ability to relax and rejuvenate body and soul but also aid in a mental detox of the everyday rat race of life by encouraging their clients to live in the moment and take solace in the beauty of the Delfino Blu and the island of Corfu.  

Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel: A Restorative Journey To Wellbeing

The unforgettable experiences of the Delfino Blu are absolutely second to none.

Everything, from the symphony of colours the sun boasts as it dips beyond the horizon, to the exquisitely plated nutritious, local food, completely melts away the stresses of modern living before your very eyes.

For this reason, Luxury Lifestyle Awards are proud to present the Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel with an award for Best Luxury Wellness Boutique Hotel in Greece 2022. 

“I would like to thank Luxury Lifestyle Awards for their recognition of our establishment here at the Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel. We vow to never stop striving for excellence and will always put our client’s wellness and prosperity above all else,” says owner Kostas Papanikolaou

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Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel: A Restorative Journey To Wellbeing

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