The Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

Innsbruck offers a unique opportunity for travellers seeking an unparalleled variety in an alpine destination this summer.

The Innsbruck region is nestled in towering mountains featuring breathtaking scenic landscapes, quaint villages, and within the city limits, a rich variety of cultural and historic highlights. Here are some reasons why you should travel to Innsbruck this summer:

Hiking in the Innsbruck Region

The extensive hiking trail network in the Innsbruck region offers hikers variety in each terrain. Hiking routes lead through alpine meadows and mountain forelands to the legendary stone pine forests of the Zirbenweg trail between Patscherkofel and Tulfes or to the larch forests of the Obsteiger Larchsteig trail.

The Innsbruck region is a hiker’s paradise, with an extensive network of trails meandering through diverse terrains. From alpine meadows and mountainsides to the ancient stone pine forests of the Zirbenweg trail between Patscherkofel and Tulfes, or the larch forests of the Obsteiger Larchsteig trail, there is something for everyone.

Discover the Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

Guests of the region can profit from the free Innsbruck Welcome Card and enjoy guided hikes to discover the natural surroundings of the Innsbruck region. The Welcome Card is available for a minimum two-night stay at participating partner hotels and includes free local public transport as well as discounted admission to various cultural attractions.

Innsbruck’s Rich History

With numerous historic and cultural attractions, Innsbruck offers summer travellers a prime travel time to explore the city’s lively history. The Capital of the Alps offers visitors a rich variety of historic sites to visit and attractions to see. Amongst the most important landmarks are the Hofkirche Court Church, the Hofburg Imperial Palace, and Ambras Castle.

Visitors should not miss checking out the Golden Roof, a city landmark, which Emperor Maximilian I ordered for his wedding celebrations around 1500 AD. Today’s visitors can enjoy this historic attraction as a symbol of Innsbruck’s great European tradition.

Refreshing Natural Swimming Lakes

Outdoor swimming lovers will delight in exploring Innsbruck’s beautiful natural lakes. The crystal-clear lakes framed by idyllic mountain landscapes are the perfect places to refresh yourself in the hot summer weather. Lake Lans (Lanser See), Natters Lake (Nattersee), and Lake Mieming (Mieminger Badesee) are amongst the most popular recreational areas.

Discover the Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

Besides their scenic beauty, the well-individual equipped lakes including convenient changing facilities and easy access from the city centre invite visitors to take a refreshing swim.

A Summer Visit to Swarovski Crystal Worlds

For fans of art and design, and of course, the famous Swarovski name, a trip to Swarovski Crystal Worlds is certainly in order. As guests enter the facility, they are immediately met by ‘The Giant’, an impressive and intriguing installation that prepares visitors for what awaits them in the 18 Chambers of Wonder. Here, some of the finest Swarovski pieces are displayed in a truly fascinating manner.

In addition, the site includes a play tower for children, a playground and a carousel ride, making the entire attraction a wonderful choice for families. The lovely gardens add to the overall pleasure of the visit, and the tranquil atmosphere creates a lovely experience for visitors of all ages.

Culinary Delights in Innsbruck

Gourmets will delight in the culinary highlights of Innsbruck. The charming cafés along Maria-Theresien-Strasse, and the variety of traditional Tyrolean specialities as well as international cooking in the old town, will be a treat for the taste buds.

The popular Markthalle is another culinary delight for lovers of good food. Fresh produce, regional specialities and artisan delicacies are available in this bustling market hall.

Discover the Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

For those who like to eat on the move, the Nordkette picnic provides a different but equally enjoyable culinary experience with stunning alpine scenery.

Closer to Nature in the Innsbruck Area

The natural environment of Innsbruck provides more than just hiking opportunities. From mountain biking to paragliding and rock climbing, the rugged Alpine beauty is perfectly exploited for adventurous outdoor activities.

The varied landscape of the area ensures that everyone will find just what they are looking for, whether it is active sports or a serene walk through nature. Each offers a special way to experience the spectacular surroundings.

Innsbruck Museums and Galleries

Lovers of culture will be enthralled by the numerous museums and galleries in Innsbruck. The Tyrolean State Museum and Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art display exquisite examples of the history and traditions of the area. Those interested in more contemporary exhibits can view art gallery exhibitions at the Taxispalais Gallery.

These facilities offer a truly holistic view of the artistic and historical highlights of Innsbruck, and are a must for every guest of the city.

Activities for Families

Families will find Innsbruck to be an ideal destination, with plenty of activities to enjoy together. The famous Alpenzoo is the highest zoo in Europe and displays the many alpine animal species in their natural habitat. Children will be fascinated by this unique Alpine zoo, and adults will equally enjoy this unusual wildlife park.

In addition, the many parks and playgrounds in the area, along with family-friendly hiking and biking trails, guarantee that the whole family can enjoy a wonderful holiday together.

Alpine Wellness

Relaxation and rejuvenation are also offered by Innsbruck, and the wellness opportunities in the area are unparalleled. There are several spas and wellness centres where guests can relax with nature-inspired treatments.

The majority of hotels offer wellness packages that include saunas, steam baths and relaxation areas with impressive mountain vistas. These treatments and facilities offer the ideal way to end a day of discovery and enjoy the natural Alpine environment.

Shopping in Innsbruck

Shopping in Innsbruck offers a varied and colourful experience, with plenty of modern shops as well as traditional boutiques. The old town is filled with stores offering local handicrafts, jewellery and souvenirs, and visitors will find exquisite mementoes of their trip.

In addition, the city centre offers high-end fashion and international labels, and there are shops to satisfy every taste. The traditional and contemporary mix ensures that every guest will find just what they are looking for.

Seasonal Festivals and Events

The festivals and events schedule highlights the lively summer season in Innsbruck. For example, the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music attracts numerous music enthusiasts from across the globe with classical and baroque performances.

Discover the Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

Folk festivals celebrate the Tyrolean culture and traditions of the area, and these local events provide a wonderful chance to experience the vibrant community spirit. The bustling atmosphere of these celebrations is a true delight and a must for every guest.

Photographic Opportunities

The spectacular surroundings and historic buildings offer countless picture-perfect moments for photographers of all ages and abilities. From sunsets over the majestic mountains to the details of the Golden Roof, the opportunities to capture the essence of Innsbruck are everywhere.

The picturesque streets and beautiful scenic views make this city a wonderful choice for memorable travel photographs.

Innsbruck is very well connected, and the excellent transport links facilitate delightful excursions to the surrounding area. The Innsbruck Card is a great value purchase that offers public transport, museum and attraction access. This convenient card allows guests to enjoy the highlights without the inconvenience of buying individual tickets.

The compact city and efficient public transport system guarantee that guests need not worry about getting around, and can instead enjoy their holiday.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is an important aspect of visiting Innsbruck, and there are many initiatives to protect the natural environment and promote eco-friendly activities. Numerous hotels and businesses in the area are constantly working to minimise their impact on the environment, and guests can enjoy a green holiday.

Discover the Allure of Innsbruck: A Summer Paradise in the Alps

The focus on sustainability adds to the overall pleasure of the visit, and travellers can explore the region without worry.

The combination of natural beauty, rich history and modern facilities make Innsbruck the ideal summer holiday destination. From adventure and excitement to relaxation and cultural highlights, guests will find everything they are looking for in this delightful alpine city.


The natural, historic and modern highlights make Innsbruck a truly fascinating summer holiday destination.

From hiking the tranquil Alpine meadows to exploring the city’s glorious history to relaxing in the crystal clear lakes to treating yourself at the many restaurants and bars, Innsbruck promises a delightful stay.

The focus on sustainable tourism, along with the abundance of family-friendly activities and cultural festivals, guarantees that every guest can enjoy a wonderful and eco-friendly holiday. Book your Innsbruck holiday today, and discover the many delightful charms of this Alpine city this summer.

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