Discover The Zetter Bloomsbury: London’s Timeless Oasis

The Zetter Hotels Group, renowned for its award-winning properties across London, recently unveiled its latest gem, The Zetter Bloomsbury, scheduled to welcome guests in early 2025.

This marks a decade since the last Zetter Hotel opening, heralding a fresh chapter in the brand’s evolution. With this exciting addition, Zetter Hotels will introduce new nomenclature for its existing properties. The current elegant establishments, The Zetter Townhouse, Marylebone, and The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell, will embrace their new identities as ‘The Zetter Marylebone‘ and ‘The Zetter Clerkenwell‘. The Zetter Hotel Clerkenwell is now known as the Marrable’s Hotel.

The Zetter Bloomsbury’s Charms

Nestled near Russell Square, at the very heart of London, The Zetter Bloomsbury boasts 72 exquisite bedrooms and suites, offering guests an enchanting view of the British Museum. This unique hotel seamlessly merges six 300-year-old townhouses, crafting an ambience of timeless imperfection. The result is a property that is both distinguished and impressive, yet radiates an inviting warmth, akin to a well-lived-in residence.

Discover The Zetter Bloomsbury: London's Timeless Oasis

Laith Pharaon, CEO of Orca Holding, spearheads the launch of The Zetter Bloomsbury. Pharaon has enlisted the services of James Thurstan Waterworth, the former European Design Director of Soho House and the founder of Thurstan, to curate the hotel’s captivating interiors.

Elegant and Eclectic Interiors

Laith Pharaon, Orca Holding’s CEO, asserts, “With the addition of The Zetter Bloomsbury, we are focussed on growing the Zetter Hotels portfolio, becoming a timeless collection and being viewed as one of the world’s most talked-about places to stay. All of the Zetter properties seek to reinvent the boutique hotel concept, offering real home-from-homes, a unique charm, and an elegant mix of design throughout, and The Zetter Bloomsbury will be no exception.”

James Thurstan Waterworth, acclaimed for his work on The Bradley Hare in Wiltshire and Masseria Pistola in Puglia, intends to create interiors that harmonize with the building’s Georgian heritage. Expect antique reclaimed floorboards and original detailing, evoking a sense of timeless beauty. Waterworth explains, “We have designed the hotel by using layers of antique furniture and textiles to create a warm and home-like feel. We want our guests to feel like the hotel is a lived-in hidden gem that’s been there for years.”

Tranquil Gardens and Sumptuous Feasts

Upon entering the hotel, guests will be greeted in ‘The Sitting Room,’ an intimate bar area where traditional check-in desks are replaced with a friendly welcome from Zetter’s skilled mixologists. The lower ground floor features ‘The Larder,’ serving as both a private dining area for 20-40 guests and ‘The Drawing Room,’ offering a serene space for relaxation. ‘The Pantry’ provides another bar area for guests.

Discover The Zetter Bloomsbury: London's Timeless Oasis

While sipping cocktails in ‘The Sitting Room,’ guests can enjoy views of the hotel’s tranquil terrace and gardens, expertly landscaped by ‘Rich Landscapes.’ These gardens offer a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle, complete with private nooks for relaxation and the promise of sumptuous summer feasts and chef pop-ups at the garden’s barbecue. ‘The Orangery,’ with its glass windows and cosy fireplace, provides an idyllic setting for year-round dining, capitalizing on the natural light and garden views.

Unique Bedrooms with Sustainability in Mind

The hotel’s 72 bedrooms and suites each offer a unique experience, featuring carefully selected Georgian antiques, oak furniture, Victorian upholstery, and exquisite Persian and Turkish rugs for a cosy atmosphere.

Calming pastel hues adorn the walls, and eight substantial suites boast four-poster beds, freestanding baths, bay windows, and fireplaces overlooking the British Museum’s gardens. Other bedrooms feature beautiful panelling and half-tester beds, all adorned with bespoke lamps and antique bedside tables. The artwork pays homage to the hotel’s proximity to the British Museum, featuring 20th-century British works and eclectic pieces from Asia and Africa.

Discover The Zetter Bloomsbury: London's Timeless Oasis

Sustainability is a core value for Zetter Hotels, evidenced by their commitment to energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, responsible sourcing of materials, recycling, and waste reduction. The team aspires to achieve BREEAM certification, a globally recognized standard for sustainable construction. The hotel will also proudly showcase VERDEN, a natural and organic British fragrance brand, and plans to introduce an outdoor yoga pavilion.

A Haven for Excellence and Creativity

Zetter Hotels distinguishes itself with its commitment to crafting groundbreaking cocktails that prioritize taste and deliver a burst of flavours with every sip. Positioned next to the British Museum, The Zetter Bloomsbury aims to become a hub for creatives and artisans seeking to immerse themselves in British culture. This opening not only elevates the group’s esteemed reputation but also provides a charming sanctuary in London for both locals and international visitors alike.

In conclusion, The Zetter Bloomsbury promises to be a timeless oasis, blending historical charm with contemporary luxury, offering an unforgettable experience in the heart of London.

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