Does Being an Empath Make You More Prone to Depression?

Empaths feel emotions more than other people do. They also absorb the energy of others. When stressed, the empath might become sad or depressed. For this reason, every person who is an empath must know how to handle depression.

Feelings are the result of a reaction to a stimulus. This reaction happens instantly based on the empath’s prior experiences or their perception of the stimuli. While the reaction is different for those with severe depression resulting from a chemical imbalance, most empaths don’t fall into this category.

They must know the treatment methods for depression so they can take action if empath depression becomes a problem for them.

Does Being an Empath Make You More Prone to Depression?

Common Stimuli

Certain things impact the empath’s mood and feelings. When a loved one says something the empath perceives as judgemental or hurtful, they become upset. Empaths tend to attract people who take away their positive energy. These individuals must also dump negative energy on the empath. They know the empath will absorb this energy.

Isolation and loneliness are common among empaths. They don’t believe others perceive and experience the world in the same way, leading to them being misunderstood by society. Empaths also isolate themselves at times because they become overwhelmed.

They need time alone to recharge, which can lead to more isolation and loneliness. When they do care for others, they often become exhausted and depressed because their feelings run so deep.

Reducing the Risk of Depression

Empaths can take steps to reduce their risk of depression. The first step involves recognizing what is happening. Empaths need to learn what impacts their mood and what triggers are likely to cause a negative reaction. When they know these triggers, they can take steps to change how they react.

An empath needs to learn to be in their body. They often spend too much time in their head and don’t think about how their body feels. They need to keep the mind and body separate to reduce their pain or discomfort. However, this disassociation means they don’t feel the emotions coming on.

They don’t have any warning because they remain unaware of how they feel. It only becomes apparent when the emotion becomes so overwhelming. To prevent this from happening, empaths need to spend a part of every day being present and mindful.

Empaths must take time to recharge. Doing so may seem challenging, particularly during busy periods of life. However, the empath truly needs this time. Spend time doing yoga or meditating to recuperate. Reading or watching a TV show may be enough to recharge an empath or they might choose to take a bubble bath. Self-care is important for these individuals.

Does Being an Empath Make You More Prone to Depression?

Connect with others on a deeper level. Small talk can be draining for an empath. They need to make deeper connections to be fulfilled. These connections must be authentic, ones where both parties support one another and truly talk about their feelings. Both parties must feel free to express themselves emotionally.

Empaths must recognize what is taking from their lives and move away from this thing. Doing so will help them gain more control over their emotions and reduce the risk of empath depression. However, doing so may take time, so every empath needs to recognize the signs of depression.

If any of these signs are seen, the empath needs to seek treatment immediately. Only they can know what is happening and how to change their behavior. When the empath takes these steps, depression becomes less of a concern.

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