Don’t Forget About New Jersey

Founded in 1787,  New Jersey has made significant contributions to the prosperity of the country. Despite being the fifth-smallest state in the US, it has had a significant impact on activism, academia, art, business, culture, and politics. New Jersey stands out from other states because it is not afraid to explore new things that other states might be wary about.

For example, New Jersey became the first state to legalize US online casinos on February 26, 2013, with resounding approval. The majority of other states are currently still debating this matter.

The Garden state is well-known for its beautiful beaches, casinos, and amusing entertainment scene. Additionally, in terms of cuisine, New Jersey has a lot to offer. This article will go over what makes New Jersey a gem, what attractions there are, and how good the food is!

A Brief Overview of the Garden State

The Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions are home to the US state of New Jersey. The Delaware River, the Atlantic Ocean, and New York surround the state. Despite having a population of nearly 9.3 million, it is the fifth-smallest state in terms of land area. Regarding both population and density, New Jersey comes up at number 11. Newark is the state’s most populated city, and Trenton is the state capital. The state has 22 counties inside New York’s statistical areas, with Warren County being the sole exception.

Interesting Facts

New Jersey is a major tourism and entertainment hub because of its three major cities: Newark, Atlantic City, and Trenton, as well as the slew of nearby coastal towns that are just a short distance from any place in the state. Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, has a large and diverse population. With its arts and cultural scenes and a well-known airport, Newark is the economic and cultural center of New Jersey. Newark is also well-known for its historical sites, which include the Newark Museum, the Prudential Center, and Brook Park.

Atlantic City also contributes significantly to New Jersey’s popularity. There are beaches, casinos, hotels, and a number of other attractions in the charming city.  Atlantic City has a Boardwalk that runs along its coastline. There are also parks, shops, and restaurants along the coast, primarily for tourists and residents. Steel Pier, a park where locals and visitors can enjoy fun rides, is the main attraction. Famous destinations along the Atlantic coast include Asbury Park, Cape May, and Wildwood. The Pine Barrens are a distinct ecosystem with a plethora of wildlife and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Aside from the many other amusement parks scattered throughout the state, Six Flags Great Adventure is frequently voted the best amusement park in New Jersey for thrill seekers.

Major Industries

Don't Forget About New Jersey

Pharmaceutical Industry

New Jersey is also known as the “Medicine State” because it is home to some of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies. This title is very appropriate given that fifteen of the world’s top twenty-five pharmaceutical companies have headquarters or research facilities in New Jersey.

Mining Industry

Natural resources and energy are also important sectors in New Jersey. The state actively mines zinc, iron, and manganese. The state’s citizens’ energy consumption and carbon emissions account for 2.7% and 0.8% of total emissions in the United States, respectively.


New Jersey has a number of traditional public school districts as well as charter school districts. The student enrollment is estimated to be over 1.3 million. The Education Advancement Initiative was established with the goal of increasing college admission rates. New Jersey also has research universities like Princeton that consistently rank among the top in the world due to their outstanding achievements.

Food and Culture

New Jersey is well-known for its delectable cuisine. There are diners, pizzerias, Italian restaurants, and so much more! They serve delectable meals and snacks such as pork rolls and saltwater taffy. Pork rolls are iconic in the state as they were invented here back in 1856. In essence, the state is a cultural melting pot with something for everyone, regardless of background.

Don't Forget About New Jersey


There is much more to New Jersey than just a hit television program. The state boasts a vibrant metropolitan culture and stunning scenery. Additionally, the state is a hub for innovation, producing cutting-edge innovations including FM radios, cameras, lithium-ion lightbulbs, and electric trains. The state is also responsible for the creation of the blueberry, cranberry, and ice cream cone, and the first time a submarine was used in combat. It is definitely time to pay a visit.  

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