Dr Natasha Berridge Interview With Global Skincare Brand IOMA

Based in Paris, IOMA is a unique pioneering skincare brand and leader in the field of personalised cosmetics. IOMA Paris creates a range of luxury, bespoke skincare products which are scientifically tailored to meet the specific needs of each clients’ individual skin-type.

Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology used to formulate IOMA’s skincare range affords their products a proven and long-lasting benefit of up to 6 weeks. With an ageing global population, many of which are content to trade wealth for youth, I recently visited IOMA’s flagship store in Paris and caught up with Salomé Dubbe, IOMA’s Executive Marketing Director.

I was eager to explore how the brand has quietly taken the beauty world by storm, leading the biomedical skincare revolution! Are you ready to have your beauty regime transformed? Read on……

Can you tell us more about the founder and chairman of IOMA Paris, Jean Michel Karam?

Jean Michel Karam is a talented entrepreneur and scientific pioneer who has founded many businesses, including the world-famous IOMA Paris. Karam is an engineer by profession and has a PhD in micro-electronics which over the years has afforded him the opportunity to diversify into the scientific world of beauty. In fact, in his latest business venture (established in 2016), IEVA uses bespoke items of jewellery that are designed with patented technology to collect real-time environmental data which is then used to give personalised advice regarding beauty, nutrition and welfare.

What motivated Jean Michel Karam to create IOMA Paris, despite the vast selection of branded products that already exist in the skincare market?

Essentially, it all began over 20 years ago, when Jean Karam visited his dermatologist concerned about the appearance of a mole. During the consultation, he soon realised that Dermatologists did not have any access to technology that could measure ‘changes’ within the skin, our largest body organ. With his background of science and engineering, Jean Michel Karam rose to this challenge in ‘skin diagnosis’ and decided that he would be able to use his patented MEMS technology to develop a cutting-edge system that could measure the characteristics of the skin.

In 2002, he developed the first prototype of a device that could measure several parameters associated with skin ageing. At that time, this was the first device of its kind and the press-attention associated with its reveal was colossal! Following this, Jean Michel Karam met Vera Strübi, who at that time was President of Thierry Mugler and a board member of Clarins. Vera quickly became Jean Michel Karam’s friend, such that he decided not to sell his skincare technology to global cosmetic brands but only to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and test laboratories. Consequently, Jean Michel Karam’s technology was used as the benchmark reference tool in skin metrology and in 2010, his own skincare company IOMA (A MOI – “Mine” backwards) was created and launched. IOMA Paris has since been hailed as the “game-changer” of beauty care and Jean Michel Karam the “Steve Jobs” of the cosmetics world!

What is unique about IOMA Paris?

Jean Michel Karam is passionate about science and his skincare technology becoming available to everyone. His ultimate aim, however ambitious it may be perceived is ‘to stop the effects of skin ageing and time’ through science and technology. IOMA uses the most advanced technology to analyse an individual’s skin condition, reveal imperfection at the cellular level and use this ‘diagnostic’ information to customise a prescription of luxury skincare products specifically for that individual. We believe each person is unique and therefore beauty is exclusively individual.

Our brand is scientifically proven to be highly effective, using only the highest concentration of ingredients (free from parabens, silicones or mineral oils) that will produce scientifically measurable results for every skin. In fact, our skin diagnosis devices are present across 30 countries and are connected to the IOMA Cloud, which has enabled us to build the Atlas of Skin with results collated from over millions of diagnostics worldwide. This information has allowed our skin and technology experts to provide the most up-to-date enhancements in modern skincare and evolutionary cosmetics. IOMA will deliver the right solution for our clients regardless of the current trends, challenges and what other brands are doing!

Amongst the IOMA skincare range, what’s the best-selling product?

Over the years, we have seen that our personalised skincare line has become grown exponentially. MA CRÈME is a really unique product and is the most personalised skincare formulation on the market. Clients experience an in-depth skin analysis with a high-tech appliance which measures 7 aspects of skin health including (1) moisture (2) lines (3) wrinkles (4) firmness (5) redness (6) bacterial activity and (7) dark spots.

IOMA personalised MA CRÈME in the midst of being formulated

Each client’s MA CRÈME is essentially a base of concentrated active ingredients to which 10mls of serums are then added according to the results of the individual’s unique skin analysis. Likewise, MON SERUM is the ultra-personalised treatment for all skin types which has been designed to meet the specific has been designed to needs of each skin type while protecting it from the harmful effects of pollution and blue light. MON SERUM has a combination of active ingredients that will effectively address hydration, firmness, sebum, dark spots and acneiform conditions.

Do you have personal favourites amongst the IOMA skincare range?

Of course, since joining the company 5 years ago I only use only IOMA products. I am a full-time working mother of two children, so it’s essential that I have a quick, simple and effective skincare regime. I can’t choose one product as each product has its own formula to bring the best results. However, personally I like to use Fresh Gel Eye Makeup Remover and Moisturising Cleansing Milk from Range 1 (to refresh the skin and maintain its freshness), the Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate and Vitality Shot from Range 2 (to fight against the first signs of ageing and give a radiance boost) and finally the Youth Booster from Range 3 to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve firmness.

Finally, what new products will we see be launched by IOMA in 2020?

IOMA prides itself on delivering the best to its clients regardless of consumer trends. The main product we will be launching this year is MON SOIN YEUX which will be a personalised eye contour line. We also plan to launch a skincare product for kids on the request of our clients and Jean Michel Karam’s daughter herself! In fact, she was part of the development and design of this new skincare line for kids. We plan to continue growing the brand, using data collected from our Atlas of Skin, to formulate products that will provide benefit and long-lasting results to our clients.

The experience of IOMA Paris is certainly not one to miss! To find out more about IOMA Paris and experience first-hand their luxurious skincare range visit www.ioma-paris.com. To receive 20% of all IOMA products enter this exclusive promo code « IOMADRB20 » at checkout.

Dr Natasha Berridge

Redsident Medical Specialist

Dr Natasha Berridge FRCS (OMFS) is the resident Medical Facial Specialist at Salon Prive Magazine. Dr Berridge is a highly trained NHS maxillofacial surgeon, dually qualified in Medicine and Dentistry, specialising in facial aesthetics, reconstructive trauma and skin surgery. She has worked alongside some of the UK’s top Cosmetic Surgeons and is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and member of the British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS). Dr Berridge has a wealth of knowledge of facial aesthetics and is concluding her MSc in Skin Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Manchester. She continues to present at International Conferences and is widely published in peer-reviewed surgical journals. Additionally, Dr Berridge is the co-author of a leading Head & Neck anatomy DVD and is a clinical contributor to the popular published monthly journal, Aesthetics. Dr Berridge is one of few highly skilled, dually qualified female facial surgeons in the UK who also performs a comprehensive range of advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments.