Duck & Dry Launches Franchise Opportunity

Since first opening its doors in Chelsea back in 2015, Duck & Dry has built an excellent reputation as the luxury London go-to salon destination for fashionable London women.

A place for great hair and a great time, encompassing the ultimate customer experience to provide beautiful blow-dries and updos in beautiful bright space with ultimate feel-good vibes.

Located in the most glamorous locations in the capital-  Mayfair, Chelsea, Oxford Circus and Soho. Duck & Dry has a pretty, buzzy and social atmosphere. There is a prosecco bar and it is a great place to meet friends for a drink and a blow-dry before a night out or a special event.

Duck & Dry is now extending its franchise model not just nationally, but globally.

The first Duck & Dry franchise was launched in Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch in 2019 and the next franchise is set to open in fashionable Islington in Spring 2020.

Yulia Rorstrom opened the first Duck & Dry flagship store back in 2014. Yulia came from a finance background and although she had no previous experience in the beauty industry, Yulia successfully managed to build an upmarket, modern, stylish destination in an already saturated beauty market.

Yulia is particularly keen to share her business model as well as expertise, knowledge and proven support with female businesswomen. She is an avid supporter of female entrepreneurs and is highly encouraging and supportive of women in business.

“Whether you have hairdressing experience or not, launching your own business is an exciting yet daunting journey. Having learnt through my own experience and my acute understanding of what it takes to open and run a successful salon as well as challenges of a very competitive space, I’m keen to share my knowledge and encourage new entrepreneurs by providing them with attentive support, practical advice and expertise to make their journey smooth and prosperous.”

Yulia Rorstrom

Duck & Dry also has its own product range that will be available at all future franchises. The product line was launched 3 years ago. All products are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients.

The product line is sulphate free and is made in small batch production in Somerset that is a combination of natural active ingredients fused with modern science.

Since 2014, Duck & Dry has styled over 100,000 blow dries so they know what it takes to run a successful beauty business.

Eleanor Hosken

Eleanor is a London based beauty blogger. She has collaborated with some of the most well-respected brands in the British and global beauty industry. She is particularly interested in luxury beauty with a focus on skincare, hair, nails, natural-looking makeup and sustainable beauty. She is a qualified makeup artist and creates a natural beauty look on her instagram page.