Royal Odyssey: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Historic St Helena Visit

In a historic moment, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh graced St Helena with his presence, during a four-day visit from the 23rd to the 26th of January 2024.

Notably, The Duke is the inaugural member of The Royal Family to touch down on St Helena via air travel since the inauguration of the airport in 2017. This visit holds particular significance as it marks The Duke’s premiere exploration of St Helena and the foremost visit by a Royal Family member since The Princess Royal’s sojourn in 2002.

Royal Odyssey: The Duke of Edinburgh's Historic St Helena Visit

St Helena’s Royal Connections Through the Ages

St Helena, a jewel in the Atlantic, has witnessed the footsteps of various Royal Family members in the past. Among the distinguished visitors were The Duke’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and grandfather, King George VI, in 1947.

Prince Phillip, The Duke’s father, also graced the island in 1957, a decade after Her Majesty The Queen’s visit when she was still Princess Elizabeth.

Royal Odyssey: The Duke of Edinburgh's Historic St Helena Visit

During his sojourn on St Helena, The Duke of Edinburgh embarked on a series of engagements, immersing himself in the island’s rich culture, vibrant communities, and diverse biodiversity. His itinerary included interactions with the local populace, fostering connections and celebrating the unique essence of St Helena.

A Special Encounter: The Duke Visits Jonathan the Tortoise

In a heartwarming moment, immediately following his arrival, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh paid a visit to the venerable Jonathan, a 192-year-old Seychelles tortoise. Jonathan, considered the world’s oldest living land animal, has been a resident of St Helena since the 1880s.

Royal Odyssey: The Duke of Edinburgh's Historic St Helena Visit

The tortoise, with roots dating back to the early 1830s, has crossed paths with several generations of the Royal Family, including The Duke’s grandfather, King George VI, and his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, when she was Princess Elizabeth. This symbolic meeting further solidifies the enduring connection between the Royal Family and the storied island of St Helena.

Engaging the Community: The Duke’s Outreach

Beyond ceremonial events, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh participated in a public gathering on the Grand Parade in Jamestown, St Helena’s historic Georgian capital.

Royal Odyssey: The Duke of Edinburgh's Historic St Helena Visit

This event, open to all, allowed the community to connect with and extend a warm welcome to the distinguished visitor. Additionally, The Duke engaged with various segments of the St Helenian community through a range of curated events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual appreciation.

In Conclusion: A Royal Affair on St Helena

The visit of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh to St Helena marks a significant chapter in the island’s history. As the first Royal Family member to arrive by air, The Duke’s journey stands as a testament to the enduring ties between the Royal Family and St Helena.

Through a carefully curated itinerary, His Royal Highness celebrated the island’s cultural richness, engaged with its people, and left an indelible mark on the collective memory of St Helena.

This historic visit not only reinforces the island’s esteemed place in Royal history but also creates lasting bonds between the Royal Family and the welcoming community of St Helena.

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