Exploring the Untamed Wonders of East Indonesia with Aqua Expeditions

In 2025, Aqua Expeditions, renowned for its luxury small-ship expeditions, unveils three captivating new itineraries that take travellers on a journey to the uncharted realms of East Indonesia.

These seven- and twelve-night expeditions promise to immerse guests in some of the most remote and wild locations on the planet, where lush jungles, intricate cave systems, vibrant underwater ecosystems, and Indigenous communities await.

With snorkelling and diving adventures that offer glimpses of whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, and other elusive wildlife, and private tenders for deeper jungle exploration, Aqua Expeditions is set to redefine the meaning of adventurous travel.

Exploring the Untamed Wonders of East Indonesia with Aqua Expeditions

Francesco Galli Zugaro, Founder and CEO of Aqua Expeditions, expressed his excitement for this new venture: “In the spirit of unending exploration, we are thrilled to introduce our latest voyage to the Asmat region of West Papua. This rarely-seen corner of the world is bursting with natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural significance. Through four limited edition sailings, we invite guests to embark on extraordinary adventures, unlocking the secrets of this remarkable destination.”

Seven-Nights – Ambon to Kaimana Expedition: 1-8 November 2025

This exceptional dual-destination journey commences in Ambon, with Aqua Blu gracefully sailing along the scenic northern coast, en route to the Banda Islands. Here, guests can explore the historic Dutch Fort Belgica, a relic from a time when nutmeg and mace, once more precious than gold, turned this island into a hotly contested prize. The expedition continues to the remote island groups of Koon, Gorong, and Watubela, offering divers a paradise with vibrant coral reefs and occasional leopard shark and hammerhead sightings.

Exploring the Untamed Wonders of East Indonesia with Aqua Expeditions

The next stop, Teluk Sebakor, is a wonderland, known for its mangrove forests, karst limestone islands, and a shoreline cove inhabited by a colony of screeching bats. The journey proceeds to Cape Pepisol’s forested outback, where guests can embark on an adventurous trek to the Karawawi village, a mile upriver. The adventure concludes in Triton Bay, where a once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits – swimming with 40-foot whale sharks and a visit to the awe-inspiring Kiti Kiti waterfall at Momon.

Seven-Nights – Kaimana to Kaimana Expedition: 8–15 November & 15-22 November

The expedition begins in the lively town of Kaimana, heading south to Triton Bay and Namatote, a diver’s paradise known for its breathtaking seascapes, pristine coral reefs, and thriving marine ecosystems, home to over 1000 species of marine life. Aqua Blu then sails to the Asmat region, a hidden gem in West Papua that few travellers have experienced. Guests will be whisked up the waterways by private tenders, venturing deep into the jungle to visit the traditional villages inhabited by the Asmat people.

Exploring the Untamed Wonders of East Indonesia with Aqua Expeditions

This tribe, one of the largest in Papua, is known for their rich heritage and traditions, which include ancestor worship and rituals to maintain the natural world’s balance. The final stop is Momon, home to the stunning Kiti Kiti Waterfall, which cascades directly into the open sea.

Twelve-Nights – Kaimana to Sorong Expedition: 22 November – 4 December 2025

Aqua’s newest twelve-night itinerary offers an extensive exploration that combines the best of the West Papua and Raja Ampat itineraries. Setting sail from Kaimana to Sorong, this journey promises an epic fusion of culture, wildlife, and underwater adventures. Guests will spend two nights in the Asmat region, providing the opportunity to visit the tribe’s communal houses and observe their unique arts, crafts, and traditional dances.

Two days will be dedicated to exploring the magnificent One Thousand Temples – karst islets sculpted by the ocean and rain, leaving behind steep limestone spires. Tenders will take travellers through jellyfish lakes and cave systems, culminating in the Mayalibit Bay marine protected area for a canoe excursion, a hike to spot rare birds of paradise on Waigeo Island, and a swim in the shimmering blue waters of the Kali Biru River.

Exploring the Untamed Wonders of East Indonesia with Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Blu, the first-ever long-range ocean explorer yacht permanently based in East Indonesia, opens doors to exploring the region’s most mythical landscapes and underwater worlds. This superyacht is equipped with a comprehensive suite of top-of-the-line, non-motorized water sports equipment, including diving and snorkelling gear, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. Onboard, guests can expect a personalised experience with a highly exclusive 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio. World-class cuisine from Chef Benjamin Cross, inspired by the region’s ingredients and spice routes, adds another layer to the discovery of this incredible destination.

As Aqua Expeditions ventures into East Indonesia’s uncharted territories, it’s an invitation to discover the unknown and redefine luxury travel. Dive into these extraordinary expeditions and be among the first to witness the natural wonders and cultural treasures of this remarkable region.

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