Embrace Nature’s Bounty: Nova Maldives’ Easter Extravaganza

Nova Maldives extends a warm invitation to all seeking a purposeful Easter retreat, set to unfold from the 29th to the 31st of March 2024.

Nestled within the picturesque South Ari Atoll, this soul-stirring island resort is poised to host a weekend brimming with activities, aimed at fostering a deeper connection between humanity and the Earth while celebrating our harmonious bond with Mother Nature.

Reconnecting with Nature

Immersed in the tranquil embrace of Nova Maldives, guests are presented with an unparalleled opportunity for rejuvenation amidst unspoiled natural beauty and thriving marine ecosystems. The resort’s idyllic setting serves as a serene backdrop for guests to rekindle their spirits and forge lasting memories.

Embrace Nature's Bounty: Nova Maldives' Easter Extravaganza

As part of the Easter programme, guests will partake in the poignant Coconut Tree Planting Ceremony, contributing to the reforestation efforts of the island’s sandbanks.

This symbolic gesture not only enriches the island’s greenery but also symbolises a commitment to nurturing life from its very roots, ensuring a flourishing legacy for generations to come.

Culinary Adventures: From Land to Sea

Delving into the culinary realm, guests are presented with an array of enriching experiences. Opt for plant-based cooking classes, showcasing the vibrant flavours of Maldivian cuisine, or indulge in a festive chocolate egg crafting workshop led by the resort’s skilled pastry chef, featuring organic and fair-trade chocolate.

Embrace Nature's Bounty: Nova Maldives' Easter Extravaganza

From delightful brunch spreads to an Earthy Dinner at Soul Kitchen, Nova Maldives’ gastronomic offerings are meticulously curated to celebrate the bounties of the Earth, with an emphasis on natural ingredients and vegan options.

Exploration and Serenity: Easter Delights

Embark on an environmentally conscious Easter Egg Hunt, traversing hidden corners of Nova’s Island in search of vegan delights. For those seeking serenity, the ocean-side Eskape Spa beckons with rejuvenating seaweed body wrap treatments, harnessing the restorative properties of the sea to invigorate the mind and body.

Guests are treated to an Oceanic Delights seafood feast at Wink Beach on Good Friday, featuring sustainably sourced seafood grilled to perfection under the Maldivian starry skies.

Embrace Nature's Bounty: Nova Maldives' Easter Extravaganza

Meanwhile, refined High Tea sessions offer a taste of coconut-flavoured delicacies and bite-sized chocolate treats, epitomising indulgence amidst nature’s embrace.

A Haven of Serenity and Connection

As the weekend draws to a close, travellers can raise a toast to the arrival of Spring at the Green & Glam Cocktail Party, hosted at Solis Pool. Sip on handcrafted cocktails and indulge in the finest spirits, marking the culmination of a weekend filled with joy, serenity, and unforgettable experiences.

Nova Maldives embodies a laid-back ethos, inviting guests to rediscover the joys of genuine connection amidst pristine natural surroundings. Designed for adults and couples with a passion for wildlife and wellness, the resort promises an oasis of tranquillity, where the wonders of marine life and the serenity of island living converge to create moments of pure bliss.

Embrace Nature's Bounty: Nova Maldives' Easter Extravaganza

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal at Nova Maldives. Here, amidst the gentle lapping of waves and the rustle of palm fronds, rediscover the simple pleasures of existence and embrace the timeless beauty of nature’s bounty.

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