Emerging Trends in Cosmetic Industry for 2022

We have come a long way in terms of what actually defines beauty. In keeping with this cognitive evolution, the makeup industry is also evolving constantly. This requires us to be updated at all times to avoid joining the bandwagon late.

Taking the talk further, we are enumerating the 5 trends that are likely to shape the cosmetic industry in 2022.

1. Natural and Eco-friendly Products

Morning scrub ritual with natural avocado scrub

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a strong awakening in people with regard to environmental degradation. Most of us have become more cautious about minimizing activities that are inflicting harm on mother nature. 

The beauty industry is certainly going to be the next arena that will witness a massive evolution in minimizing the carbon footprint. With more and more people raising concern about the environmental impact of cosmetics, plant-based skincare is going to be the future of this industry.

The objective of shifting to natural products is two-fold. It is both for minimizing wastage and safeguarding the skin against harsh chemicals. Renowned makeup companies are employing waste and by-products as key ingredients in their cosmetics as a move to minimize waste. 

There are companies that have already started working on waterless body wash squares that dissolve in water in an attempt to do away with plastic bottles that have to be replaced after every month.

2. At-Home Beauty

At-home beauty treatment is the future of makeup

Being contained in a house for months was something we had not even imagined in our worst nightmare. However, like every other challenge, the ladies took it head-on, that too gracefully. It introduced the home beauty makeup trend that is here to stay.

Brands across the world started manufacturing and endorsing products that could help people get all salt and pep while still at home. From microcurrent facial machines to skin home-based skin tightening tools, the market started flooding with them.

People have now gotten used to the comforts of beauty treatments at home and hence this trend is only going to get stronger in the future.

3. Facial Treatments

Microcurrent Facial Device used at home

Nearly 71% of the total workforce internationally had to shift to a work from home setup during the pandemic. There was a drastic increase in the video calls and zoom meetings for employees in almost all the prominent sectors. 

This meant that while you could leave your legs unwaxed, the face to be tidied up necessarily. It led to a surge of people googling the latest face treatments. Surgeons and beauty experts suggest that this trend is likely to continue in the future.

People will continue researching modern facial treatments to look presentable at work and otherwise. We have suggestions for the best microcurrent facial machine that you can use for an effective facelift.

4. Liquid Makeup

Permanent Makeup Treatments are certainly a thing of future

Cosmetic companies are constantly trying to transform solid liquids into liquid forms to make them more durable. When people spend a hefty amount of money on beauty products, they expect them to last for a good 9-12 hours.

Therefore companies are constantly working towards making these products more durable by introducing them in liquid forms. Lipsticks are the first to join this trend and more products are expected to follow it soon. 

Beauty experts also predict that in the near future, people might even shift to permanent makeups to get rid of the hassle of visiting the parlours every now and then. Permanent eyeliners are already becoming popular. 

5. Minimalism

Minimalist makeup is a big step to declutter and foster inner peace

Last but not the least, minimalism will have a prominent role in shaping the beauty trend in 2022. The minimalist style of makeup is not new. It was popular way before the pandemic happened but got accepted by many during Covid-19.

There are several reasons why minimalism is going to be in trend. One prominent cause is the various international movements that are going on in the world on being comfortable in one’s own skin.

This awareness clubbed with the desire to get rid of the complexities of getting ready each day validates the idea that minimalism is certainly the future. 

It is believed to be a big step towards decluttering and finding new ways to foster inner peace and clarity.

So, what is next?

Now, having read about the upcoming trends start reorganising your vanity. However, we believe that beauty is very subjective and each person should put on as much or as little makeup as she thinks best. But keeping yourself updated is an extra brownie that you must not miss.

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