14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

The life of a 21st-century man is already complex enough. Keeping up with work, family, and a growing number of world concerns is a lot to deal with, but you’ll pull through. Make your life easier by putting these helpful little tools into your business briefcase and preparing for your day.

Trusting your briefcase is vital. In addition to keeping these things with you, we recommend putting them in one of these Carl Friedrick leather portfolios and briefcases to tackle the world with your best foot forward.

1. Wet Wipes

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

The world is messy, and even through no fault of your own, things can get dirty. Having even a tiny package of wipes can quickly clean up an otherwise embarrassing situation for you and others. These can also help you keep fresh if you work yourself hard.

2. Lip Balm

Getting rid of uncomfortable and unsightly dryness in your lips can only make your day better. Forgetting to put some in your pocket is easily remedied by having at least one tube in your briefcase. Lip balm also comes with general health benefits beyond just feeling and looking better.

3. Adhesive Bandages

Accidents happen, and with many workplaces keeping up with necessary bloodborne pathogen regulations, having the ability to avoid a big deal from minor cuts is fantastic.

4. Disposable Face Masks

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

Getting inside buildings will often require wearing a face mask, and if you didn’t remember one earlier in the day, you could get completely locked out. Having a cheap alternative to having to go all the way back home is a life-saver.

5. Earbuds

Back-up headphones or the more portable earbuds can allow you to side-step issues that can crop up with your primary pair. It’s also easier to put in earbuds in public places, and they can fit under hoods or hats if the weather is rainy or cold.

6. Hand Sanitizer

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

With the pandemic still going on, you can never be too careful dealing with high-traffic surfaces and even other people. A tiny bottle can make all the difference for your health.

7. Sticky Notes

Having a visual reminder is sometimes the best for necessary appointments and notes you need easy access to. They work as an excellent reinforcement for scheduling and displaying detailed information quickly.

8. Pens

Taking notes in permanent ink on good, old-fashioned paper, whether it’s a journal, office paper, or a sticky note, can help reinforce the information in your brain.

9. Book

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

An excellent physical book or ebook reading device can help pass the time and save on phone battery when you hit a lull in your day. It gives you something enjoyable to do on a break or when you have to wait for someone else.

10. Portable Battery

For many modern people, your phone is the most crucial tool. Having a portable charger compatible with your phone if you forget to plug it in or can’t easily access a wall outlet can make all the difference.

11. Tissues

Keeping ourselves and spaces dry is all the more critical when we commonly handle a variety of technology. Even if you don’t have allergies to contend with, keeping the ability to get rid of wetness is a valuable option.

12. Gloves And Hat

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

Depending on your area, the weather can change on a dime. If you or someone you know has to suddenly contend with chilly weather, having a nice pair of gloves can help keep the rhythm of the day going.

13. A Quick Snack

Having an energizing bit of food to help you stay ready for the day is an excellent supplement to lunch. Something dry and healthy would be the best.

14. Sunglasses

14 Things Every Man Should Keep In His Business Briefcase

Adjusting to the daylight outside shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. With a cheap pair of sunglasses, you can ignore dealing with squinting altogether.

As a working man, don’t let any minor inconveniences life has ready to throw at you get in your way. Stay prepared for anything by packing a bit extra into your business briefcase in the morning, and nothing will stop you.

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