Everything You Need To Know About The 15 Minute Nose Job

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, otherwise marketed as the 15 minute nose job within the Aesthetics industry, has soared in popularity over recent years. Considered a ‘lunch-time’ procedure, non-surgical rhinoplasty should be performed by an appropriately trained Aesthetic Practitioner, taking no longer than 10-15 minutes with instant results.

Unlike traditional surgical nose jobs, where clients are put to sleep (undergo a general anaesthetic) for nose reshaping with a surgical scalpel, there is zero downtime and minimal discomfort associated with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Want to know more?

FAQs about the 15 Minute Nose Job

  • Am I a suitable candidate for it?

Following a comprehensive facial assessment by your Aesthetic Practitioner, they will ultimately decide if you are a suitable candidate that would benefit from non-surgical nose reshaping. Nasal asymmetries such as a ‘dorsal hump or bump’, ‘saddle or flattened nose’, ‘drooping nasal tip or ‘twisted or crooked nose’ can be easily straightened with the ’15-minute nose job’.

However, extreme deformities of the nose will likely need to be formally corrected with an invasive surgical nose job, otherwise known as a surgical septorhinoplasty. A non-surgical rhinoplasty can be carried out on adult men or women of any age or ethnicity.

  • What does the 15 Minute Nose Job entail?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty does not involve any surgical cuts and therefore no resulting scars. Quite simply, the nasal deformity is straightened by placing small amounts of dermal filler in the region of concern to conceal the deformity. In addition, Botox may be used to reduce the activity of a number of nose muscles thereby reducing the amount of nostril flare or enhancing nose tip projection.

  • Is the 15 Minute Nose Job painful?

There may be some slight discomfort related to the insertion of the very small needle which the dermal filler or Botox is delivered through. However, most modern dermal fillers will be mixed with a local anaesthetic agent to minimise pain, or alternatively, a topical local anaesthetic cream such as EMLA may be applied to the nose at least 30 minutes before the needle is inserted.

  • How long does the results of the 15 Minute Nose Job last?

The results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty will last between 12 to 18 months and are therefore considered temporary. This, of course, will depend on the product used and underlying metabolism of the individual. If the client was completely dissatisfied with the final outcome then the reversing agent, hyaluronidase, can be used to expediently reverse the effects of the dermal filler. 

  • What are the risks with a 15 Minute Nose Job?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is considered a safe procedure with minimal associated risks, especially when performed by an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner. The primary risks are associated with local injection-site events such as bruising, redness, itching and discomfort all of which spontaneously resolve. There have been reported cases of compromised blood supply to the nose causing local skin loss, however, this is, fortunately, a rare occurrence which is minimised by the Aesthetic Practitioner having a thorough knowledge of the underlying anatomy.

Dr Natasha Berridge

Redsident Medical Specialist

Dr Natasha Berridge FRCS (OMFS) is the resident Medical Facial Specialist at Salon Prive Magazine. Dr Berridge is a highly trained NHS maxillofacial surgeon, dually qualified in Medicine and Dentistry, specialising in facial aesthetics, reconstructive trauma and skin surgery. She has worked alongside some of the UK’s top Cosmetic Surgeons and is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and member of the British Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (BAOMS). Dr Berridge has a wealth of knowledge of facial aesthetics and is concluding her MSc in Skin Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Manchester. She continues to present at International Conferences and is widely published in peer-reviewed surgical journals. Additionally, Dr Berridge is the co-author of a leading Head & Neck anatomy DVD and is a clinical contributor to the popular published monthly journal, Aesthetics. Dr Berridge is one of few highly skilled, dually qualified female facial surgeons in the UK who also performs a comprehensive range of advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

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