Experience the Best of Crete’s Hotels with Bluegr Hotels & Resorts

Situated along the mesmerising Mirabello Bay, a short distance from Agios Nikolaos on the northern eastern coast of Crete lies a collection of exceptional hotels by bluegr Hotels & Resorts.

This summer, travellers seeking an unparalleled holiday experience are invited to indulge in the exquisite offerings of three distinct properties: the chic and contemporary Minos Beach Art Hotel, the tranquil adults-only retreat Minos Palace Hotel & Suites, and the family-friendly haven of Candia Park Village.

Each establishment boasts a unique charm and allure, promising guests a memorable stay amidst the island’s breathtaking beauty.

Experience the Best of Crete's Hotels with Bluegr Hotels & Resorts

As the summer sun beckons, bluegr Hotels & Resorts have elevated their offerings to ensure guests enjoy an unforgettable stay. From exclusive culinary experiences to rejuvenating wellness programs, each hotel presents a plethora of enticing opportunities for travellers to immerse themselves in the essence of Crete.

Culinary Delights at Minos Beach Art Hotel

For those with a passion for gastronomy, Minos Beach Art Hotel beckons with its culinary wonders. Collaborating with renowned chefs such as Dimitris Dimitriadis, Michalis Hasikos, and Manolis Papoutsakis, the hotel invites guests to embark on a tantalising journey through Cretan cuisine.

From exclusive dining events featuring signature dishes to farm-to-table experiences showcasing the island’s rich bounty, every meal promises to be a celebration of flavour and tradition.

Experience the Best of Crete's Hotels with Bluegr Hotels & Resorts

Meanwhile, at Minos Palace Hotel & Suites, a new dining concept awaits discerning guests. With a focus on well-being and sustainability, the hotel offers wholesome menus crafted from the finest seasonal ingredients.

Guests can savour delectable dishes while basking in the serene ambience of the hotel’s elegant interiors, designed to promote relaxation and harmony.

A Fusion of Culinary Excellence at bluegr Hotels & Resorts

In a groundbreaking collaboration, bluegr Hotels & Resorts has joined forces with the mixology experts of Baba Au Rum to elevate the drinking experience for its guests. Expect innovative cocktails and spirits crafted with precision and flair, promising to tantalise the taste buds and elevate the senses.

Beyond its culinary delights, Crete captivates visitors with its natural beauty, and bluegr Hotels & Resorts has seamlessly integrated this into their design ethos.

Stretching along 2.5km of coastline, Minos Beach Art Hotel offers guests a true sanctuary amidst nature’s embrace. With private beaches and a myriad of watersports activities available, guests can immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of Mirabello Bay while enjoying the hotel’s five-star amenities and services.

Minos Palace Hotel & Suites: An Oasis of Serenity

Perched atop a cliff overlooking Agios Nikolaos, Minos Palace Hotel & Suites exudes an air of tranquillity and sophistication. With panoramic views, infinity pools, and lush herbal gardens, the hotel offers a secluded retreat where guests can reconnect with the elements and rejuvenate their spirits.

Experience the Best of Crete's Hotels with Bluegr Hotels & Resorts

Ideal for families, Candia Park Village welcomes guests to a vibrant community nestled along the picturesque Mirabello Bay. With spacious apartments, family amenities, and a host of activities for children, the hotel promises endless opportunities for fun and relaxation for guests of all ages.

Immerse Yourself in Crete’s Art and Culture

For art enthusiasts, Crete offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, from ancient treasures to contemporary creations.

Since its inception, Minos Beach Art Hotel has served as a patron of the arts, hosting artists and showcasing their works amidst its stunning surroundings. Today, the hotel boasts a Sculpture Garden featuring over 50 installations, offering guests a unique glimpse into the island’s creative spirit.

The G&A Mamidakis Foundation plays a pivotal role in promoting contemporary art and preserving Crete’s cultural heritage. Through initiatives such as the annual Art Prize and exhibitions at Minos Palace Hotel & Suites, the foundation continues to enrich the island’s artistic landscape and support emerging talents.

Creating Memorable Moments for Families

At Candia Park Village, families are treated to a wealth of activities and experiences designed to foster joy and togetherness.

Children aged 4-12 can partake in a variety of activities at the Mini Blues Kid’s Club, from Greek-themed adventures to beach parties and crafts. With dedicated babysitting services and special events for the whole family, Candia Park Village ensures that every moment is filled with laughter and excitement.

Experience the Best of Crete's Hotels with Bluegr Hotels & Resorts

For those seeking tranquillity and rejuvenation, Minos Palace Hotel & Suites offers an array of wellness programs and activities. From yoga classes to signature treatments, guests can embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing amidst the hotel’s serene surroundings.

In conclusion, bluegr Hotels & Resorts invites travellers to embark on a journey of discovery and indulgence in the heart of Crete.

With their unparalleled hospitality, exquisite cuisine, and commitment to sustainability, these esteemed properties promise an unforgettable experience for discerning guests seeking luxury, relaxation, and adventure amidst the beauty of the Greek islands.

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