Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London’s Newest Icon

The OWO, an exquisite new destination, is set to make its grand debut on Friday 29th September, nestled in the heart of Whitehall.

This captivating launch will mark the introduction of a range of novel restaurants and bars, along with the highly anticipated inaugural UK establishment of Raffles Hotels & Resorts – none other than the esteemed Raffles London at The OWO. The alluring package also includes the allure of 85 Raffles Residences, the luxurious Guerlain Spa, and the holistic Pillar Wellbeing Centre. Evidently, The OWO aspires to be the quintessential haven for indulgence, celebration, entertainment, rejuvenation, and residence.

A Captivating Arrival: Raffles London at The OWO

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

The crown jewel of this magnificent transformation is undoubtedly Raffles London at The OWO. Comprising 120 lavishly designed guest rooms and suites, this architectural masterpiece is a collaborative creation between the Hinduja Group and Accor. The hotel’s interiors are an embodiment of opulence, envisioned by the late Thierry Despont, a renowned designer famed for his iconic refurbishments, including the Statue of Liberty.

Embarking on an eight-year journey, the Hinduja Group has dedicatedly nurtured the restoration of the historic Old War Office, ensuring its revival to former glory. Meticulous attention has been devoted to preserving the heritage features of the building. The passionate involvement of the Hinduja Group has rekindled its delicate mosaic floors, exquisite oak panelling, resplendent chandeliers, and majestic marble staircase. Raffles London at The OWO shines as the centrepiece of this remarkable renovation, an epitome of elegance that gracefully melds heritage and modernity.

Echoes of History: Heritage Suites and The Whitehall Wing

The Heritage Suites, resonating with echoes of history, were once the hallowed offices of distinguished political and military luminaries such as Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, and Sir Richard Haldane. These historically significant spaces have been meticulously preserved, some of which have been designated as ‘The Whitehall Wing’. As an epitome of grandeur, this six-bedroom suite stretches across the west wing of the building, catering to the refined tastes of up to twelve guests – a true testament to luxury and exclusivity.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

The OWO emerges not only as a beacon of luxury accommodation but also as a culinary haven, set to redefine London’s dining landscape. With the unveiling of nine restaurants and three bars, The OWO promises to be a vibrant culinary district. This includes an awe-inspiring rooftop venue, offering panoramic vistas of St James’s Park, The Mall, and Buckingham Palace – an embodiment of splendour that transcends mere gastronomy.

A Vision Unveiled: The Words of Visionaries

“I am delighted to announce the highly awaited opening of The OWO this September. When we came to Whitehall, the team were blown away by the size and beauty of this majestic building. No expense has been spared in bringing it back to its former glory and paying homage to its heritage, whilst breathing new life into it. Along with Raffles London at The OWO, we hope to create a legacy that is both timeless and unsurpassed,” said Sanjay Hinduja from Hinduja Group.

“Everyone at Accor feels honoured and privileged to be part of this historic project that has surpassed all expectations – truly a legend in the making and possibly the most awe-inspiring hotel on the planet. Together with the Hinduja family, we proudly invite locals and travellers alike to experience this extraordinary hotel as well as the authenticity and graciousness of Raffles, one of our most prestigious brands in one of the world’s greatest cities,” said Sébastien Bazin, Accor Chairman & CEO.

Mauro Colagreco: A Culinary Partnership Like No Other

Raffles London has embarked on a remarkable journey of culinary innovation, partnering with the acclaimed Chef Mauro Colagreco, renowned for his culinary prowess at Mirazur on the Côte d’Azur. This collaboration brings to life three exceptional dining experiences that are poised to redefine the gastronomic landscape.

Nestled within the exquisite Raffles London at The OWO, diners can indulge in the enchanting Mauro Colagreco at Raffles London at The OWO restaurant. This establishment serves as a canvas for Mauro’s culinary ingenuity and unwavering dedication to sustainability. A celebration of local and seasonal ingredients takes centre stage, with a particular emphasis on the vibrant array of native British vegetables. Each dish here is a testament to Mauro’s commitment to culinary innovation and sustainability.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

Adjacent to this culinary masterpiece is Mauro’s Table, an intimate enclave centred around a grand dining table. This exquisite space accommodates up to 23 guests and is supported by a captivating show kitchen. Mauro’s Table is an embodiment of private dining sophistication, offering a creative menu that traverses the pathways of English gardens, showcasing hyper-seasonal ingredients.

Mauro’s relaxed dining establishment, Saison, injects a contemporary flair into the traditional hotel restaurant. The name itself reflects Chef Mauro’s commitment to seasonal cuisine. From breakfast to dinner, Saison curates a Mediterranean culinary journey throughout the day. This elegant space is nestled within the historic library of the Old War Office, resonating with a touch of history and a dash of modernity.

Elevated Imbibing: Bars of Distinction

Raffles London is not just a haven for gourmands; it’s also a sanctuary for connoisseurs of fine spirits. The Guard’s Bar and Lounge invite patrons to a symphony of British and Eastern flavours with their carefully curated menu of 16 drinks, featuring the signature ‘London Sling’. Descending to a clandestine realm, The Spy Bar is an intriguing subterranean cocktail sanctuary. Enveloped in an air of intrigue, it pays homage to the world of espionage, offering an ambience reminiscent of secret rendezvous and covert communication.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

The culinary symphony at Raffles London extends beyond the dining table. The Drawing Room offers a relaxed all-day dining experience overlooking Horse Guards, while Pillar Kitchen takes a wellness-focused approach, tailoring meals to individual needs akin to personalised workouts.

Unveiling The Guerlain Spa: Elegance Redefined

The opulence of Raffles London extends to The Guerlain Spa, a haven of luxury spanning four floors and 2,500 square meters. This spa, designed by the renowned interior design studio Goddard Littlefair, promises to be one of London’s largest in a luxury hotel. It features a 20-meter swimming pool, nine meticulously designed treatment suites, and a comprehensive gym. L’Atelier Guerlain stands as a testament to the art of indulgence, while Pillar Wellbeing offers personalized training and nutrition solutions.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

Beyond gastronomy and relaxation, Raffles London at The OWO embraces a role as a grand venue for the city’s significant occasions. The extraordinary Whitehall Ballroom, accessible via the exceptional Grand Staircase, can host up to 600 guests. This majestic space, complemented by pre-function areas and dedicated meeting rooms named Morse and Code, is set to be the stage for unforgettable celebrations.

“At Raffles London, the history of the former Old War Office lives on, through its splendid architecture, carefully chosen interior design and expansive Heritage Suites. We are excited to provide guests with the highly personalised and intuitive service for which Raffles is known the world over. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with the eclectic array of world-class restaurants and bars in an unrivalled location,” commented Philippe Leboeuf, Managing Director of Raffles London at The OWO.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

A Gourmet Haven Beyond Compare: The OWO’s Culinary Revolution

As the curtains rise on The OWO, it heralds a new era for London’s culinary landscape. Drawing inspiration from culinary hubs worldwide, The OWO is set to become a gourmet haven, led by illustrious chefs and restaurateurs. Each culinary visionary has been handpicked to weave a gastronomic tapestry that transcends the ordinary.

Situated in the main courtyard of The OWO, Café Lapérouse exudes Parisian charm and offers a remarkable dining experience. This architectural gem, boasting signature dishes in a stunning pavilion setting, is a haven for 80 diners seeking an unforgettable gastronomic rendezvous.

Nestled within the grand spaces of The OWO and overlooking Horse Guards Avenue, Paper Moon stands as a testament to Milanese culinary excellence. This Milanese gem promises an array of Italian favourites, daily aperitivi, and cocktails with an innovative twist. Its statement bar adds an air of elegance to the dining experience.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

The months following the launch will unveil a Japanese-inspired Restaurant & Sake Bar by Endo Kazutoshi and Creative Restaurant Group. With panoramic vistas of Whitehall, The Mall, and Buckingham Palace, this rooftop dining destination pays homage to the traditions of Japanese cuisine. Additionally, a dedicated 28-seat Sake Bar on the ground floor promises an exploration of the captivating world of Japanese sake.

Langosteria, renowned in the fashion world, makes its UK debut at The OWO. This Milanese sensation brings an array of signature seafood dishes, blending Italian traditions with contemporary international influences. Known for its impeccable selection of ingredients sourced from around the globe, Langosteria redefines the seafood dining experience.

Elevating Luxury Living: The OWO Residences by Raffles

London’s skyline is set to be graced by a new pinnacle of luxury living, none other than The OWO Residences by Raffles. As the premier Raffles-serviced residences in the UK and Europe, these residences carve a new path of distinction, accentuating the unparalleled essence of this offering. A harmonious fusion of exclusivity and opulence, these residences bring the epitome of luxury to homeowners, redefining the very notion of refined living.

Experience Unparalleled Luxury at The OWO: London's Newest Icon

The OWO Residences offer homeowners a remarkable fusion of hotel-like amenities and the sanctity of privacy. It’s the confluence of having the world-renowned services of a distinguished hotel at one’s doorstep while enjoying the seclusion and privacy that epitomises luxurious living. This unique blend promises an experience that transcends expectations, a synergy where the allure of opulence is woven into the fabric of everyday life.

At the heart of The OWO Residences lie 85 residences, each an embodiment of bespoke luxury. These residences, bearing the distinctive Raffles brand, have been meticulously curated to mirror their unique position within the building. Ranging from duplex to lateral, to penthouse layouts, these abodes vary in size, from studios to lavish five-bedroom configurations. The diversity of offerings ensures that every homeowner’s taste and preferences find their perfect match.

Among the exquisite collection, two illustrious turret residences stand elevated above the London skyline. These residences redefine the concept of elevated living, offering a vantage point that allows residents to connect with the city’s heartbeat while enveloped in the lap of luxury. An address like no other, these turret residences are an embodiment of prestige and grandeur, a true testament to The OWO’s commitment to providing an unparalleled living experience.


In the realm of luxury living, The OWO Residences by Raffles emerge as an embodiment of sophistication, exclusivity, and opulence. With a fusion of world-renowned hotel services and the privacy of a private residence, these residences redefine the concept of elevated living. From bespoke layouts to the grandeur of turret residences, The OWO Residences cater to diverse tastes, offering a symphony of tailored elegance. As they grace London’s skyline, they not only enrich the cityscape but also set a new standard for refined living. The OWO Residences by Raffles are poised to be more than residences; they are a testament to a life lived in harmony with luxury and distinction.

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