Exploring Ke Ga Bay: A Hidden Gem Unveiled by Azerai Resorts

Azerai, the trailblazing brand in the realm of resorts, beckons adventure-seekers to step away from Vietnam’s beaten tourist path and discover the allure of Ke Ga Bay.

Nestled on the southeast coast, this beachfront haven offers international travellers a chance to delve into the heart and soul of southern Vietnam.

Ke Ga Bay: Accessible Tranquility

Ke Ga Bay, once secluded, is now a mere two-and-a-half-hour drive from Ho Chi Minh City, courtesy of a recently inaugurated expressway. Despite the newfound accessibility, it retains a charm far removed from the towering tourism hubs of Southeast Asia.

Exploring Ke Ga Bay: A Hidden Gem Unveiled by Azerai Resorts

Visitors find themselves immersed in an unspoiled coastal tapestry featuring sandy beaches, traditional fishing villages, hot springs, salt fields, and fruit gardens. To the west, soaring sand dunes frame the bay, while to the east lies Hon Ba Island and Ke Ga Lighthouse, a historic beacon dating back to 1897, marking it as Vietnam’s oldest.

A Sanctuary for the Global Explorer

Ke Ga Bay emerges as the ideal refuge for globetrotters seeking authentic, sustainable experiences that resonate with the spirit of their destination.

Far from the madding crowds, travellers can revel in serenity, unwind on pristine beaches, engage in non-motorised water sports, embark on intimate tours to local attractions like dragon fruit farms, delve into the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine, or rejuvenate their body and mind through outdoor yoga and meditation sessions.

Exploring Ke Ga Bay: A Hidden Gem Unveiled by Azerai Resorts

Welcoming discerning travellers to this enchanting enclave is Azerai Ke Ga Bay, an elegant beachfront boutique retreat ensconced in 4.5 hectares of lush tropical gardens, mere steps from a 5km-long sandy beach.

As the sole international resort in this burgeoning locale, it offers 57 expansive suites, pool suites, and pavilions, complemented by a stylish restaurant with a sea-facing terrace, a tranquil spa, and three inviting swimming pools. Each stay is infused with genuine Vietnamese hospitality and enriched by a selection of immersive tours.

Earning Recognition and Setting Trends

Azerai Ke Ga Bay has swiftly earned acclaim, securing a spot as a finalist in the “New Hotel of the Year” Awards by Destination Deluxe and in the “Hotel Renovation & Restoration” category at Sleeper Magazine’s AHEAD Awards.

As a pioneer in five-star boutique hospitality within this emerging destination, the resort attracts a new echelon of affluent international guests to Ke Ga Bay.

Mr. Julian Moore, the General Manager of Azerai Ke Ga Bay, asserts, “Situated on a pristine beach with views of Vietnam’s oldest lighthouse, Azerai Ke Ga Bay is not just a haven for idyllic beach vacations; it also offers a gateway to explore the timeless heritage of the local fishing village community. As pioneers in sustainable development in Ke Ga Bay, we aspire to make this a ‘must-visit’ choice for experience-seeking international travellers.”

Exploring Ke Ga Bay: A Hidden Gem Unveiled by Azerai Resorts

Azerai Ke Ga Bay extends an invitation for guests to unearth the wonders of Ke Ga Bay with its Advanced Purchase Offer. Booking at least 30 days in advance unlocks an exclusive room rate, daily breakfast for two, a welcome drink, and daily afternoon tea. Rates commence from just USD 250 per night.

In conclusion, Azerai Resorts introduces Ke Ga Bay as more than a destination; it’s an experience crafted for those who seek not just a holiday but an immersion into the authentic essence of southern Vietnam.

Ke Ga Bay, with its untouched beauty and Azerai’s commitment to sustainability, emerges as a hidden gem, ready to captivate the hearts of discerning travellers.

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