Festive Season Approaching? Seven Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental

The festive season is around the corner! It’s when people will be all set to leave for destinations to celebrate. Are you someone who owns a property in close proximity to festival grounds? Or does your property offer beautiful views of your town? Renting out such premises is an excellent idea!

Are you already doing the same or just planning to do so? It will surely benefit you as groups generally prefer such vacation rentals to chill and have fun during the festive season. Do you know that you can always spruce it up to attract more customers? Wondering how? Read some ways below to prep your vacation rental for this festive season. Trust us; you will experience success!

1. Deep Cleaning:

Sprucing up a house is extremely important. One easiest way to do that is to ensure that it is well-cleaned. After all, who likes to be in a place full of dirt and dust! Hire a cleaner to clean your house completely with every detail like bathrooms, sinks, under the fridge, curtains, mattress, and so forth. It is essential to clean this space every time the renters leave (and also before the next guests arrive!). 

2. Extra Bedding:

Festive Season Approaching? Seven Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental

Sometimes, the number of guests may increase. What would you do in this case? Ample bedding is the solution! Ensure that you stock all the bedrooms with good quality and sufficient bedding. Extra pillows, mattresses, and sheets are a must so that they can be changed at regular intervals by your housekeeping staff. Do not forget to keep extra blankets in the closet so that the renters will not have to forage for bedding – especially ones crashing on the sofa.

3. Offer Extra Essentials:

Chances of a guest forgetting some essential is very common! As the property owner, you can decide to offer some extra essentials for guests. For instance, if someone forgets a brush, your management team should be able to provide them with that. Provide everything so that they don’t have to visit the store to buy them. It will help them create a comfortable and happy memory! This includes bathing essentials, extra razors, sanitary napkins, and tampons. You will definitely get a stellar review later if you plan these things beforehand!

4. Arrange Entertaining Activities:

Festive Season Approaching? Seven Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental

Renters visiting your property may not always stay offside at the festival grounds. They may spend time indoors relaxing and looking for ways to entertain themselves. How about leaving some board games or a deck of cards? You can also arrange some space for pool tables where youngsters can keep themselves occupied. Also, think about some novels for readers. Oh, don’t forget a comfy recliner or a high-back chair with a footstool beside your bookcase! Alternatively, why not go the extra mile and ad a projector for movie nights! Now if that doesn’t get you a 5-star rating, nothing will!

5. Functional Appliances Electronics:

A property full of electronics is very attractive. You must ensure that all appliances are working and are in proper condition. You do not want a short circuit to happen after its usage! It is recommended to call a professional for a monthly check on Wi-Fi, electric boards, wiring, lights, and cables. Your property and customers are both crucial! Ensure that they don’t have any issues while staying.

6. Associate With A Partner:

Festive Season Approaching? Seven Ways To Prepare Your Vacation Rental

Have you planned on how to advertise your property? How will people know that you have a vacation rental available? We recommend you contact Airhosting.co, a vacation home rental agency that will allot a manager to market your property. They will list you on their website and dedicate a local team to your property to provide top-notch service with routine maintenance and inspections. Hand your property to them and have a peaceful sleep as their attentive crew will do everything from taking pictures to reservations to get you good returns. Apart from this, you can also spread the word among your friends or take support of print media.

7. Spend On Outdoors:

Vacation rental isn’t just indoors! People love to explore the property as well. Spend some time and money on the outdoor area to attract more people. How about installing a tennis court or a gardening area? How about dining outdoors (a barbeque or a beautiful gazebo)? You can also plan a parking space in a way that can be rented to others – a sure shot way to earn well from a rental property!

Remember, safety comes first! Your property should have all safety measures to take care of guests coming in. Keep survival kits, first aid, and emergency numbers as well! We also suggest surveillance systems like CCTV, electronic door-phones, etc. By following these steps, your property will be at the top. Decorate beautifully as per the festive spirit, and upload those pictures to entice guests (and while you do, mention all the perks they can get at your place!).

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