Grant Awards From Queen Margrethe’s and Prince Henrik’s Foundation

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Charity has always been synonymous with the Danish Royal Family and has become a growing tradition with family members year after year. Generation after generation has seen the Danish Royal Family’s involvement in charitable foundations as well as the establishment of them grow at an astronomical rate. One of the most significant charities of these is the Queen Margrethe’s and Prince Henrik’s Foundation.


The Queen Margrethe’s and Prince Henrik’s Foundation aims to support social, scientific and cultural purposes and has seen many projects being supported by it. The annual boad of directors meeting for the foundation took place recently at Fredensborg Palace. At the meeting, hosted by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe, a total of 3,135,000 DKK was granted including an annual grant of  40,000 DKK to Sønderborg Idrætshøjskole and 110.000 kr. for the Cayx grant.

Queen Margrethe’s and Prince Henrik’s Foundation

Herewith is the list of foundations that received grants from Queen Margrethe’s and Prince Henrik’s Foundation


Danish Dance Theatre

Copenhagen Summer Dance 2018
30,000 DKK


Jesper Just

New staging of the ballet performance “Interpassivities” in New York
50,000 DKK


Multivers Publishers

The book “Roseromanen”
50,000 DKK


The Society of Danish Theatre History

The book “Her gror eventyret – Riddersalen, et teaters biografi”
50,000 DKK


The Greenlandic Society

Publishing of “Journal Greenland”
50,000 DKK


Danish Dementia Research Centre

The book “Get the best out of life with dementia”
30,000 DKK


Gad Publishers

Biography of King Christian II
50,000 DKK



The book “Norway – a portrait of the neighbors to the North”
25,000 DKK


Frydenlund Publishers

The book “Tuxen: The Court Paintings”
75,000 DKK


Selskabet for Arkitekturhistorie

Publishing of Architectura no. 40: “Communication of the building cultural heritage”
25,000 DKK


Dan Tschernia

The book “Spreck” – a biography of the architect J.O. von Spreckelsen
50,000 DKK


Henrik Engelbrecht

The book “H.C. Andersen and the opera”
40,000 DKK


Morten Fink-Jensen

Publication of the University of Copenhagen’s Charter of 1539
30,000 DKK


Ole Sønnichsen

The book “1920 – when Denmark became whole”
25,000 DKK


The Thorshavn Fund

Restoration of the historic ship M/S Thorshavn
200,000 DKK


Gråsten-Adsbøl Church Council

Purchase of musical instruments for Gråsten Palace Church
200,000 DKK


The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

European Ceramic Context 2018
50,000 DKK


Stevnsfort Cold War Museum

Re-establishment of Frederik IX’s monogram on Stevnsfort’s underground bunker
20,000 DKK


The National Museum

Digitalization of the museum’s Alaska collection
100,000 DKK


The Danish Research Centre for Manorial Studies

The project “Drinking money, chamber pots and powdered wigs – Consumption and everyday life at the manor house”
[JS8] 50,000 DKK


Danish Chukotka Expeditions

Implementation of the 6th Danish Chukotka Expedition
25,000 DKK


Danish Red Cross Youth

Holding of Leadership Academy 2018
75,000 DKK


Børns Voksenvenner national organization

Further development of central database
50,000 DKK


Engineering World Health at the Technical University of Denmark

Sending of civil engineering students to under-resourced hospitals in Nepal and Mongolia
100,000 DKK


The SOS Children’s Villages

Support for at-risk families in Somalia
200,000 DKK


Danish Cancer Society

Support for the Navigator project
75,000 DKK


Danish Alzheimer Association

5-day stay at folk high school for people with a form of dementia
75,000 DKK


The Danish AIDS Foundation

Support for the AIDS Foundation’s national anti-stigma effort 2018
50,000 DKK


Foreningen Aarhuskolonien

Holiday stay for disadvantaged children in the Aarhus area
100,000 DKK


Doctors without Borders

Help for children and adults who have fled to Bangladesh from violence and assault in Myanmar
200,000 DKK


Families with cancer-stricken children

Support for social and recreational activities for families with a cancer-stricken child
50,000 DKK


Idrætshøjskolen Sønderborg

Annual award of 40,000 DKK to school
40,000 DKK


Kalundborg Arts Association

Holding of the Lundbye Festival
75,000 DKK


AROS Aarhus Art Museum

Exhibition about Agnes Slott-Møller
100,000 DKK


The Varde Museums

Establishment of a refugee museum in Varde – Research project
100,000 DKK


FIGURA Ensemble

FIGURA Ensemble’s 25th anniversary – fall concerts
30,000 DKK


Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

Aarhus Symphonic Organ Festival
30,000 DKK


Fredensborg Palace Church’s Girls’ Choir

Fall concert tour to Israel
20,000 DKK


The Danish Boys’ Choir

The Danish Boys’ Choir’s 75th anniversary
40,000 DKK


Mogens Dahl Concert Hall

Ten chamber music concerts
50,000 DKK


Herlufsholm International Chamber Music Festival

Herlufsholm International Chamber Music Festival 2018
25,000 DKK


Organization “New Music for Strings”

New Music for Strings Festival 2018
100,000 DKK


Opera Hedeland

New production of Donizetti’s opera “Lucia di Lammermoor”
25,000 DKK


Thy Masterclass

Thy Chamber Music Festival 2018
60,000 DKK


Frederik von Würden Friedal Eriksen

1 year study period with clarinet professor Yehuda Gilad
30,000 DKK


Jannik Grage

2 years of advanced studies in artistic joinery at Capellagården, School for Arts and Crafts, Sweden
75,000 DKK


Grønnegårds Teatret

Grønnegårds Teatret’s summer performances 2018
25,000 DKK


Cayx Grant


Cilia Reebirk

Erasmus residency: Studies in linguistics and didactics with a focus on French as a foreign language
20,000 DKK


Amalie Sehested Rom

Development residency with “La Faculté des Lettres” at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. (French philosophy and sociology)
20,000 DKK


Emma Birn

Completion of Architect and Landscape Architect study trip at the Master’s Degree level (French architecture)
10,000 DKK


Kristine Mølgaard Saxhaug

Study tour to France (French architecture)
20,000 DKK


Amalie Kaad

Study residency in Paris (French art and culture)
30,000 DKK


Nikoline Nedergård

Thesis on the topic ”L´aménagement linguistique et culturel dans une relation professionnelle en coopération commerciale – Linguistic and cultural adaptation in the commercial context”
10,000 DKK

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