Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955

Gucci, the illustrious Italian luxury brand, has unveiled a groundbreaking rendition of its iconic Horsebit 1955 bag.

This transformation transcends traditional design boundaries, embracing an asymmetrical aesthetic and harnessing the power of Demetra—a revolutionary animal-free material known for its exceptional quality, softness, and durability. Collaborating on this project is the renowned musical artist Billie Eilish, celebrated not only for her musical prowess but also for her fervent advocacy.

Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955 In Demetra

The Pinnacle of Ethical Innovation

The Horsebit 1955, in this unprecedented collaboration, marks a historic moment as the very first Gucci bag to be meticulously crafted using Demetra. This bold move underscores Gucci’s progressive approach towards fashion ethics.

Traditional tanning techniques have given way to a more sustainable future, and Demetra, composed of 75% plant-derived raw materials, stands as a testament to Gucci’s commitment to ethical fashion. Two years of painstaking research and development by Gucci’s skilled technicians and artisans culminated in the birth of Demetra, which has been in production in Italy since 2021, within the hallowed walls of a Gucci factory.

Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955 In Demetra

A Visual Celebration of Collaboration

This extraordinary collaboration finds its expression in a captivating campaign replete with imagery and videos. All facets of this campaign showcase Billie Eilish’s unfiltered, authentic voice. The videos, a cinematic mosaic, come together to create a candid motion piece reminiscent of an album portraying Billie’s life. The backdrop is enriched by the haunting melody of her song, “What Was I Made For?”

The new Horsebit 1955 bag embodies Gucci’s unwavering commitment to progress, aligning seamlessly with the House’s ongoing endeavour to embed circularity into its collections and overall strategy. In a bid to amplify these commitments, Gucci has generously donated to Support+Feed, a nonprofit organization founded by Maggie Baird in 2020. This organization is dedicated to addressing both the climate crisis and food insecurity by striving for a more equitable, plant-based food system.

Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955 In Demetra

Unraveling the Horsebit 1955

The iconic Gucci Horsebit 1955 handbag bridges the gap between eras through its compelling narrative and the enduring elegance of its design. It serves as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to exceptional materials and craftsmanship. In its current incarnation, the Horsebit 1955 takes on an entirely new perspective, thanks to its asymmetrical silhouette crafted from Demetra.

This reimagined classic rectangular shoulder bag has firmly established itself as a timeless piece within the realm of fashion. Gucci takes a holistic approach to its creation, with the bag’s lining being made of certified cotton. In one iteration, it even features certified hemp and ECONYL®, a material derived from regenerated ghost nets, carpets, and pre-consumer waste.

Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955 In Demetra

Meet Demetra: The Next-Generation Luxury Material

Demetra stands as the epitome of next-generation luxury material. It seamlessly combines quality, softness, and durability, with 75% of its composition derived from plant-based raw materials. To ensure lasting quality, Demetra is fortified with an essential synthetic protective coating that has long been a hallmark of Gucci’s accessory craftsmanship.

This material traces its roots to responsibly sourced wood cellulose, and it is tanned using industry best practices. In alignment with its commitment to environmental responsibility, Gucci is determined to reduce its reliance on fossil inputs, both through Demetra and in its leather processing.

A Glimpse into Gucci’s Legacy

Founded in the picturesque city of Florence, Italy, in 1921, Gucci has risen to become one of the world’s foremost luxury brands. With the centenary milestone in its rearview mirror, Gucci charges forward into the next century. The brand’s essence is rooted in the celebration of creativity, Italian craftsmanship, and unwavering innovation.

Gucci & Billie Eilish Collaboration: The Horsebit 1955 In Demetra

Gucci operates under the umbrella of Kering, a global luxury conglomerate that oversees a distinguished portfolio of fashion, leather goods, jewellery, and eyewear brands. The synergy between Gucci and Kering amplifies the brand’s reach and influence in the ever-evolving world of luxury.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Gucci and Billie Eilish has given birth to an iconic Horsebit 1955 bag, crafted with Demetra—an ethical material that reflects the future of fashion. This innovation underscores Gucci’s commitment to sustainability, creativity, and quality, reaffirming its status as a trailblazer in the world of luxury fashion.

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