Gucci Celebrates 70th Anniversary with New Horsebit Jewellery

In a momentous celebration of its 70th anniversary, Gucci recently announced an exquisite collection of new Horsebit jewellery and watches.

The iconic Horsebit emblem takes centre stage in bold designs, artfully entwined with minimalist links to fashion-mesmerizing geometric chains, each graced with seamlessly integrated closures.

Gucci Celebrates 70th Anniversary with New Horsebit Jewellery

Rediscovering the Equestrian Heritage

Originally envisioned by Aldo Gucci in 1953 as an embellishment for loafers, the Horsebit pays homage to the brand’s profound connection with the equestrian world. A symbol of the community that embodies the spirit of the House, the Horsebit has undergone reinterpretation across seven decades, adorning hardware and motifs in various accessories, jewellery, and ready-to-wear pieces.

To mark this extraordinary occasion, Gucci presents a selection of new jewellery masterpieces, meticulously crafted in resplendent yellow gold. The collection includes a mesmerizing ring, an elegant necklace, and two exquisite bracelets – one featuring a single-row design and the other boasting a double-row.

Embracing a contemporary chain layout, the collection ingeniously alternates between the classical Horsebit signature and a more minimalist pattern, resulting in an arresting contrast that captivates the eye. Additionally, the collection offers a necklace and two bracelets, featuring single and three-row designs adorned with sparkling diamond baguettes and vibrant green enamel embellishments.

Iconic Horsebit Transcends Time

Beyond the jewellery selection, Gucci introduces two exceptional watches that proudly showcase the iconic Horsebit. The first timepiece boasts a delicate double-row chain, complemented by a multifaceted lozenge-shaped case, exemplifying elegance and sophistication. The second watch, on the other hand, boldly exhibits a three-row chain design, evoking a sense of daring fashion. Both watches feature a radiant yellow-gold case and bracelet, perfectly complementing the golden-coloured brushed dial.

As Gucci commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Horsebit emblem, enthusiasts of exquisite jewellery and horology are invited to embrace the essence of timeless design and unmatched craftsmanship. The Horsebit collection symbolizes the enduring legacy of Gucci and its profound connection with the equestrian heritage, forging ahead with bold innovation while honouring its rich history.


In a celebration of unparalleled elegance and style, Gucci unveils its new Horsebit jewellery and watches, showcasing the iconic emblem in captivating designs. Through the interplay of classic motifs and minimalist links, the collection presents a stunning fusion of tradition and contemporary artistry. With each piece, Gucci reaffirms its position as a purveyor of timeless luxury, inviting connoisseurs and fashion enthusiasts alike to experience the allure of the Horsebit collection in its 70th-anniversary splendour.