Looking After Your Health When There’s “No Time”

It seems like a common excuse in the modern world, that we have “no time.” The problem most of us have when we are between the ages of 25 and 40 is that we don’t have ongoing health issues for the most part, but it’s during this time when the signs may not begin to show, but certainly the wheels can be set in motion.

You might think that you can burn the candle at both ends and as much as you would like to have a nap, the fact is that you can “push through” and you will be okay. The problem we all have when we think like this is that these habits can be very difficult to break out from and will cause problems later in life. This is why if you think you’ve got “no time,” here are some ways to practice being healthier.

Finding the Right Medical Resources

Lots of us feel duty-bound to our employers. We feel like we should not take advantage of our employer or if we have a lot of work to do, our health slowly goes down the pecking order in terms of priority. However, when there is some niggling issue that occurs from time to time and we are of the workaholic variety, we think we can just “push through” until it stops us dead in our tracks and there needs to be intervention. 

This is why having the right medical resources can help you to gain greater control over your health. A very good example is the advent of telemedicine services, which don’t just cover virtual appointments but provide a lot of virtual monitoring techniques, for example, your blood pressure or your heart rate. Telemedicine services like virtual medical receptionists that operate 24/7 can ensure that we still get to the root of the problem while not having to stop the forward momentum of our lives.

Prioritizing Sleep

If you have no time to look after yourself this should be the most important part of your existence. The problem we all have is that we are not able to sleep properly because we spend more time on our phones or we feel there’s more stuff to do than just sleep. Some people can get by with less sleep than others, but you’ve got to be aware of the long-term impacts of poor sleep

Getting an average of between 7 and 9 hours, depending on your physical activity and your general health, will be enough. But it’s about making sure that your sleep environment is set up. Sleep is not just about resting, it does a lot of our cognitive processing and is undoubtedly our superpower. But most of us are sick to death of hearing that we need to get more sleep; however, it’s not about getting the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep. 

Be Open to Change

Looking After Your Health When There's "No Time"

People that believe they have no time to look after themselves are very set in their ways. These are the people who have major medical events later in life and have spent years, if not decades, avoiding the doctor. We all need to be aware of the impacts of avoiding our health, and when it comes to something like self-care, you need to work out what is best for you. Remember to stay in touch with your personal virtual medical assistants to stay updated about your health.

There is no set routine but it’s about making sure that you can touch base with the essentials, making sure that you can prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health. As simple as it sounds, if you are a bit more in tune with how you feel and recognize that you don’t need to keep pleasing other people, this can make a big difference in your sense of pride. 

There are some people who are constant people-pleasers, and if you are one of these people it can wear away at your sense of self over time. It’s about making sure that you are open to change, not least within yourself. 

If you feel like you have no time to look after your health because you have a busy social calendar or you feel like you need to be here, there, and everywhere, after a while, you don’t notice the things that actually are causing you issues in the long run. We all need those opportunities to stop and check in with ourselves.

Establish Boundaries

This is a logical extension of prioritizing yourself, but, for example, when you feel like you have no time to look after your health in terms of exercise, you’ve got to find the time or you’ve got to figure out a way to make it work for you. Boundaries between your work and home life are even more common these days because so many of us work at home, and if this is you, you can benefit from implementing exercise in your life gradually throughout the day. 

Lots of people think about going to the gym as something that requires a solid 90 minutes at the end of the working day which leaves you exhausted and not able to give the best of yourself to the people outside of work. Instead, you can start to split your workout routine into 5 or 10-minute blocks here and there. You will have a better energy level and you will be healthier, potentially healthier than those people who are constantly at the gym for an hour or two every single day! 

Boundaries are essential because it forces you to separate the things that encroach on your life when they shouldn’t, and when you start to set aside a “drop it and…” attitude, where you, for example, drop work and exercise, or drop everything and eat a healthy snack, this becomes a greater way of instilling those healthy habits in your life while still maintaining boundaries. 

We can all feel like we have “no time,” which is why we might benefit from being creative but it’s also about making sure that we slowly start to realize that we need to take charge of certain aspects of our health before we get older and they get worse.

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