Here’s Why You Should Book A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel

Whether you are a frequent traveler or taking your first vacation in years, accommodation plays a key role in your experience. Comfortable and well-equipped lodging is essential to make the most of your vacation. While traditional hotels have dominated the hospitality industry in the past, more and more people are gravitating towards vacation rentals. 

So what’s the allure of a vacation home? In this post, we’re sharing popular reasons why tourists prefer vacation rentals over conventional hotel rooms. Take a look.

Plenty Of Space

Here's Why You Should Book A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel

Unless you’re splurging on the presidential suite, most hotel rooms are more or less the same. You have a bed and a couple of side tables, and if you’re lucky, maybe a desk. With all your luggage, there’s barely any space to move around. That’s not the case with vacation homes.

These are extensive properties with plenty of space. Why live in a shoebox when you can unwind in a spacious abode?

Perfect For Groups

There’s no doubt that hotel rooms are convenient. However, they aren’t suitable for a group vacation. There’s no common area where all of you can hang out or a place for kids to run around. Vacation homes typically have a living room, dining space, decks, private pools, and other common areas.

Additional Amenities

Even if your hotel has a pool and gym, these areas will be constantly packed with other guests. By booking vacation homes on the Outer Banks, you get more than just a place to sleep. You get to enjoy a plethora of amenities like heated pools, hot tubs, game rooms, library, gym, massage room, laundry room, and so much more.

Suitable For Digital Nomads

Are you a remote worker planning a work vacation? Rather than working out of a tiny hotel room, you can create productive work set up in a vacation rental. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about noisy hotel neighbors. 

Here's Why You Should Book A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel

Pet-Friendly Options

Are you struggling to find a pet-friendly hotel? If you are planning to take your furry friend on vacation, you have to think about their comfort as well. Instead of sticking your pet in a tiny hotel room, consider staying at a vacation home. Even pets need enough space to move around. 


From the interruptive housekeeping staff to sharing common areas with a bunch of strangers, living in hotels implies sacrificing privacy. With a vacation rental, you have a completely private area that can only be accessed by your friends and family.

Cost Saving

For a number of reasons, vacation homes are cheaper than high-end hotel rooms. Moreover, you have access to a wide range of amenities, such as a functional kitchen and washer, which further helps save more. It’s an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget.

Live Like A Local

Why travel like a tourist when you can live like a local? Staying at a vacation rental is an easy way to get up-close and personal with your destination. As previously mentioned, most hotel rooms have a similar ambiance. You are guaranteed a unique and memorable experience at vacation rentals. 

Eat Healthier

Following a healthy diet typically goes out the window when you’re on vacation. While there is no harm in indulging in the local delicacies, you can keep up your fitness in a vacation home. Since vacation homes are usually equipped with a functional kitchen, you have the option to buy groceries and enjoy home-cooked meals.

The Bottom Line

Here's Why You Should Book A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel

A vacation rental can be your home away from home. Unlike a hotel room with limited amenities and space, you can enjoy unparalleled luxuries in a vacation home without spending a fortune.

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