Hidden Gems For Nature Lovers in Indonesia

Indonesia is a real treasure trove for people who want to try new things. The country has a lot of cultural offerings and natural wonders.

It’s also the sort of location you can believe you know very well, only to be surprised by new discoveries time and time again. It won’t take much work to locate most of these spots, but finding its most outstanding geological wonders will require a bit more research.

The truth is that some are rarely if ever, visited. Connect with a knowledgeable local guide or organize your own transportation to fully appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the Isle of the Gods.

Interested in taking a detour from the norm? In addition to enjoying online slots poolside, here are five of Indonesia’s most breathtaking destinations that you can add to your list of exciting things to do in 2023.

1. The Sacred and Secret Canyon of Sukawati

A sacred, hidden canyon next to Pura Beji Guwang in Sukawati is so amazing that it will motivate anyone who visits. This hidden canyon is a must-see for any and all artists, photographers, and other creative types, as well as anyone who wishes to be blown away by a real-life view of nature’s masterpiece.

The most peculiar thing about the canyon is that, if you look closely enough, you can make out the features of a wailing skull as well as other faces. Not only that, but the surrounding colours are a sight to behold.

You may either take it easy and enjoy the view from the top of the canyon rocks by dangling your feet, or you may go a bit crazy to see just how far you can climb into the canyon.

To get here, you’ll have to ford a few rivers with slick mud bottoms and possibly scale some large, slick rocks, so tread carefully. Other than that, feel free to wander about and take in the splendour of this incredible discovery.

2. Sumba

Although it’s a mere 50-minute plane ride from Bali, its remoteness is part of its charm. The Humba, who are sometimes called Sumbanese, were the first people to live in this area. They still live in small towns on top of the low hills that dot the landscape.

The yearly Pasola-mounted spear-fighting sport showcases the island’s famed Sumba Ponies, a variety of ponies recognized for their power and agility. Apart from its abundance of exciting adventure activities, the island also features several five-star hotels.

3. The Green Cliffs and Little Grotto of Undisan Bangli

The journey here is going to be an adventure as a whole, with rice paddies, woodlands, ravines, and local waterfalls to enjoy. The Green Cliffs at Undisan are steep cliffs lined with moss that form a valley.

The Green Cliffs are a hidden wonder, but what is their greater secret? A hidden grotto can be found by following the water under the point where the green cliffs meet. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you may even take a dip inside the cave to see what lies beneath the malachite cliffs!

Otherwise, you can meditate in peace on one of the rocks just below the green cliffs.

4. Tanjung Puting

The Tanjung Puting national park in Central Kalimantan attracts nature enthusiasts because it’s among the few remaining sites in the world to see orangutans in the wild. With an area of about 4,100 square meters, this park is the habitat of a wide variety of animals, including the Malaysian sun bear, the proboscis monkey, and the clouded leopard, as well as more than 220 different species of birds.

Orangutan Foundation International, a non-profit organization working to protect wild orangutans and the rainforest they call home, always needs volunteers to help with ongoing research. You can spend three weeks there as a volunteer.

5. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

This waterfall is a special place to take a deep breath, let it out, and relax your mind. Imagine a tranquil setting with a crystal-clear river, a massive boulder field, clean air, and a trickle of water through its center.

The residents claim that the water just started flowing a few years ago (supposedly since 2015) after a lengthy praying ceremony and that ever since then, the waterfall has been viewed as a blessing for the people because it brings in revenue from tourists.

After the worshipping ceremony, a cave supposedly appeared in the legend. Bats have made the cave their home, and today it’s utilized for meditation.

With a set of well-paved stairs leading down to it, this waterfall is easily accessible to anyone, and rudimentary amenities like parking and restrooms are also available. Hang out on the riverbank with the natives as they dedicate the day to catching meals.

In addition, there is a little Hindu temple in the form of a gazebo, where locals go to worship. Many of the rocks have intricate engravings that are worth seeing. Don’t pass up the chance to enjoy a fusion of culture and environment at Kanto Lampo Waterfall.


Indonesia is a real treasure trove for people who want to try new things. The country has a lot of cultural offerings and natural wonders.

It’s also the sort of location you can believe you know very well, only to be surprised by new discoveries time and time again. Which of these locations can you check off your “done” list, as well as the brand new, fascinating discoveries?

Add the destinations above to your ultimate travel bucket list!

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