High Roller Online Casino Games

Gambling is a super popular activity that has been around since human beings attained the brainpower necessary to conceptualize it. While betting on games of chance is primarily an entertainment-based activity, with average gaming budgets falling in the $50 to $100 range, a specific group of individuals look at this pastime as a money-making opportunity and are looking to cash in on their perceived skills and good fortune. Such players get referred to as high-rollers, and they are no strangers to betting thousands on a single game result. Notable examples include Mo Chan out of Australia, who would bet up to half a million dollars per hand, and billionaire Kerry Packer, a man who once lost $15 million on a roulette session.

The truth is that in all casino gaming products, the operator holds a slight advantage over his players, which helps them maintain their financial stability. So, it is mathematically impossible to beat gaming establishments in the long haul, even though in the short term, anything is possible. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, casino-style gaming, like pretty much everything else, also has moved to the digital sphere. There, operators do not incur sizeable overhead costs. So, they can offer products with house advantages lower than those available at brick-and-mortar establishments. Hence, it is more profitable these days to gamble online. Below, we list the five internet options that are most suitable for high rollers, not only in terms of odds but max bet limits.


High Roller Online Casino Games

The word roulette means little wheel in French, the language of this game’s country of origin. Legend has it that physicist Blaise Pascal invented it as he was trying to create his perpetual motion machine by accident. It is a European classic and most casuals’ favourite gambling option because it almost features fifty-fifty odds, on red/black, even/odd, and low/high numbers. Its default house edge is 2.7% on the European version (one zero pockets) and 5.26% on the American (two zero pockets). High roller roulette online is attractive because Evolution’s live tables feature max bet limits that go up to $6,000, with $100 minimums. Furthermore, this provider also offers multiple variations of this traditional table game that mix in novel gameplay mechanisms. Lighting roulette is an established wheel gambling pick that players of all sized bankrolls enjoy.


Blackjack is by far the most played table game on casino floors everywhere. That is so because, with proper strategy, gamblers can lower the game’s house edge to 0.5%, and via counting cards, they can gain the advantage. The latter option is not available on interactive gaming platforms, but online live tables remain a sought-after choice for many high rollers. The main reason for this is their wide availability. Virtually every version with different payout structures is available on the internet. Wager limits on some of these VIP tables can go up to $10,000 with $500 minimums.


High Roller Online Casino Games

While blackjack rules gaming establishments on six continents, in Asia, baccarat is king. According to most gambling experts, this game is the reason why Macau overtook Las Vegas as the world’s leading gaming destination, revenue-wise. It is a product favoured by James Bond and most Chinese billionaires. Per stats, VIP baccarat pulls in as much as 120 billion Macau patacas per year in this autonomous region on the south coast of China. Online, baccarat tables implement similar high-roller limits to those available for twenty-one action. There are also multiple variations to choose from, with Golden Wealth gaining massive traction as of late.


Craps, everyone’s favourite dice gaming product, got developed in New Orleans at the start of the 19th century. It derives its roots from Hazard, a 14th-century English game. Despite craps being a well-like gambling pick, it also frequently gets utilized in movies to depict the drama associated with betting inside Vegas venues. Still, until recently, at online casinos, it was not available in the live dealer format. Before Evolution Gaming debuted live craps in late-2020, this game was only on hand at gambling sites in an RNG (software) version. Evolution’s live dealer tables now not only offer a far more authentic gaming experience than playing against a computer, but they introduced max wager limits of $5,000.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Casino-poker variants are card gambling games where everyone at a table faces a dealer, not each other. They utilize poker’s hand-ranking system and have gotten designed to get played at similar speeds to blackjack. Caribbean Stud is undoubtedly the most famous casino poker variant out there, along with Casino Hold ‘Em Poker. It is the brainchild of David Sklansky, who came up with it in 1982 and debuted it under the name Casino Poker. Its house edge is 5.2%, and its live tables often offer a max bet limit of $3,000.

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