CV Villas and MY WARDROBE HQ Partnership Announced

CV Villas, one of the UK’s premier villa specialists, and MY WARDROBE HQ, a leading fashion rental platform, recently unveiled an innovative collaboration set to revolutionize holiday wardrobe planning.

In response to growing concerns over conscious consumerism, CV Villas and MY WARDROBE HQ have united to offer travellers a sustainable and convenient solution.

Through this partnership, customers booking ABOVE by CV Villas—a meticulously curated collection of luxurious, fully-staffed villas—can now effortlessly rent their holiday wardrobe via MY WARDROBE HQ.

This strategic alliance grants guests access to a thoughtfully selected range of designer brands, elevating the overall holiday experience while championing sustainability in travel fashion.

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

By enabling guests to rent instead of purchasing outfits for their vacations, this initiative not only promotes sustainable fashion practices but also helps customers reduce costs associated with one-time wear apparel.

Pete Brudenell, Managing Director at CV Villas, underscores the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with MY WARDROBE HQ underscores our commitment to providing bespoke services to our guests, while also aligning with our sustainability ethos. At CV Villas, we are steadfast in our dedication to integrating sustainability principles across all facets of our business operations.”

This collaborative effort not only caters to the evolving preferences of modern travellers but also addresses the pressing need for sustainable solutions in the fashion industry.

By facilitating access to high-end fashion on a rental basis, CV Villas and MY WARDROBE HQ are paving the way for more conscious consumption habits, aligning with the global shift towards environmentally friendly practices.

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

As travellers increasingly seek experiences that align with their values, this partnership offers a seamless integration of luxury and sustainability, setting a new standard for the travel and fashion industries alike.

Exclusive Benefits for Discerning Travellers

Effective this month, customers of CV Villas’ ABOVE collection will enjoy a 10% discount on all items rented from MY WARDROBE HQ, valid for 12 months. Additionally, patrons of MY WARDROBE HQ who rent an outfit from its Harrod’s concession will receive a £300 discount on any booking at a CV Villas ABOVE property made in 2024.

Sacha Newall, Founder of MY WARDROBE HQ, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “At MY WARDROBE HQ, our mission is to drive positive change in the fashion industry by promoting conscious consumption. Through our partnership with CV Villas, we are excited to extend our services to a discerning audience seeking luxury travel experiences coupled with sustainable fashion choices.”

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

The mutually beneficial discounts offered to customers of both CV Villas and MY WARDROBE HQ serve to enhance the value proposition for travellers seeking premium experiences.

By incentivizing the rental of holiday wardrobes through MY WARDROBE HQ, CV Villas not only encourages sustainable fashion practices but also strengthens its appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Similarly, MY WARDROBE HQ benefits from increased exposure to affluent clientele who value luxury travel experiences, further solidifying its position as a leading platform for high-end fashion rentals.

Tailored Wardrobe Recommendations for Exquisite Destinations

Embark on a sartorial journey as we curate the perfect holiday wardrobe tailored to each villa destination:

St Tropez Nights: Le Petit Paradis

Nestled amidst breathtaking sea views, Le Petit Paradis offers contemporary luxury with family-friendly amenities. Priced from £22,727 per week, this villa includes a chef, maid service, and linen/towel changes.

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

For a glamorous soirée in St Tropez, consider adorning yourself with the Taller Marmo Williams Sequined Feather-Trimmed Mini Dress or the Bronx & Banco Giselle Maxi Dress.

Find Your Dolce Vita in Italy: La Residenza, Puglia

Set amidst vast olive groves, La Residenza is an exquisite Masseria offering unparalleled elegance. Priced from £19,318 per week, this villa includes a concierge, butler, maid, linen/laundry services, and a complimentary villa stock pre-arrival.

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

Embrace Italian charm with the Dolce and Gabbana Roman Print Silk Dress or opt for sophistication with the Dolce and Gabbana Blazer Shirt and Skirt Suit.

Showcase Your Goddess in Greece: Villa Antheia, Corfu

Overlooking the ocean on Corfu’s northeast coast, Villa Antheia exudes enchantment. Priced from £7,830 per week, this villa includes an off-site concierge, maid service, and linen/towel changes.

Radiate ethereal beauty in the LaMetamorphose Chateau gown, perfect for a Grecian getaway.

Holiday Chic: Luxury Villas and Fashion Collide

As luxury villa rentals redefine holiday experiences, the collaboration between CV Villas and MY WARDROBE HQ heralds a new era of conscious consumption and bespoke travel.

By offering discerning travellers access to sustainable fashion choices, this partnership not only enhances the guest experience but also underscores a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism.

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