How Fashion Trends Have Adapted Over A Year Of Home Life

The changes in the past year and a half have had far-reaching implications on virtually all aspects of human life. With most people spending their time at home, everyone’s fashion tastes are due to psychological and social factors. Read on to explore how fashion trends are likely to transform in the near future.

Psychological Factors Transforming Fashion Trends

During the lockdown, most people adapted to loose-fitting clothes for lounging and working around the house. While stuck at home, many had no option but to ditch the office wear and opt for laid-back outfits.

According to the Dressbarn survey on clothing trends, 74% of respondents are looking forward to a wardrobe refresh. The survey shows that most people purchased a majority of loungewear and tops and blouses for the last year and a half.

Rather than wear clothes for how they look, the concern on fashion choices lately is more on how it makes people feel. That’s why comfort is and has been one of the factors behind most clothing purchases.

How Fashion Trends Have Adapted Over A Year Of Home Life

The Trend Towards Classic Throwbacks

Classic throwbacks are another shopping trend popular with people working from home. Classic button-down shirts come in handy when you are looking forward to a virtual call with your colleagues.

While activewear and loungewear may be comfy, they are not the most presentable for video calls from work. When shopping, most buyers are looking for formal pieces but with extra comfort. Fitted sweaters and headscarves are also going to be one of the biggest fashion trends ahead.

Finding a Creative Outlet with Tie-Dye Clothing

How Fashion Trends Have Adapted Over A Year Of Home Life

The lockdown is also encouraging novelty in our fashion sense and choice of clothes. One of the top trends during the pandemic has been tie-dye clothing.

The movement, which was popular in the early seventies, has been gaining popularity in recent months. Approximately 35% of respondents in a survey said they were most excited by the tie-dye of all the summer fashion trends. The colorful outfits are popular for casual outings in the warm season.

The tie-dye fashion trends have been gaining momentum encouraged by celebrity participation and social media users. During the pandemic, it has been a creative outlet for people looking to transform their style. Today you can find tie-dye fabrics for virtually every fashion item, from activewear to sneakers.

How Fashion Trends Have Adapted Over A Year Of Home Life

The Top Fall Fashion Trends

The emphasis on fall fashion trends can be summarized and comfortable outfits with a stylish flair. You can expect colorful leather, leopard prints, and sequin details to be part of the top trends ahead.

Color blocking is another trend that has come back with a twist. Monochromatic blocks feature a variation of the same hue rather than different colors.

Monochromatic blocking is a great way to experiment with color blocking. You can include different textures such as quilted fabrics for a unique fall style.

Prioritizing Comfortable Undergarments 

With a work-from-home setup during the pandemic, it’s crucial to stay comfortable and healthy inside out. From your external clothing to your undergarments, you need to ensure they’re made of high-quality materials.

For undergarments, you need to choose ones that will promote good hygiene despite long hours of sitting in front of your computer to finish tasks. It’s a good thing that you can easily order comfortable, hypoallergenic, beautifully designed, and durable undergarments through the internet, such as EBY and other online undergarment stores. 

Here are some tips to choose the right undergarments:

  • Choose seamless undergarments or those without panty lines. By doing so, you’ll level up your comfort when sitting for prolonged hours.
  • Choose no-slip-grip undies that can move like your second skin. This provides you optimum comfort even when you’re working out at home.
  • Check the material used to make the undergarments to ensure you won’t experience any discomfort wearing them. The best ones are cotton and bamboo fabric. They absorb sweat and moisture well.
  • When it comes to underwear design, you can choose neutral colors or bright colors, depending on your preference and personality. You can still express yourself by wearing your favorite style and material of underwear.

Refreshing the Wardrobe and Dressing Up for Occasions

The pandemic is also transforming how people shop online. After spending months at home, shoppers are looking to make up for the lost time.

Most shoppers are looking forward to dressing up for casual outings, with many citing parties and date nights. The monotony of the choices has inspired shoppers to consider options that fit their tastes.

Digital stores have to respond to demands to simplify the process of making online purchases. Social media remains a source of inspiration and also a tool for making fashion decisions.

How Fashion Trends Have Adapted Over A Year Of Home Life


After spending months indoors, it is expected that many people are looking forward to a refresh of their wardrobe. The underlying theme for most fashion trends is extra comfort but with a flair of style. It is the best time to experiment with the bold outfits you always wanted to try.

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