How Men Can Dress to Impress

In some situations, first impressions are everything. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, or whatever other situation warrants a good first impression, you want to do all you can to put your best foot forward. 

One of the best ways to do so is to make an effort in your dress and grooming. If you look good, then you feel more confident. Not only that, but you are proving that this situation is important to you. You’re showing respect for whoever you’re meeting. 

It’s true, there is more to nailing an interview or winning someone over on a first date than how you look. But in these situations, every little counts. You can control how you dress, so it makes sense to use it to your advantage. 

Appropriate Clothing

The first thing to get right is how appropriate your clothing is for the situation. Men look good in formal clothing, but it’s not always a great idea to wear a suit and tie wherever you go. Even if you aren’t wearing formal clothes, you can still make an effort.

Different situations require different clothes. For example, a date in a sit-down restaurant might benefit from dressing up, while a casual date in a coffee shop is a different beast entirely. In this scenario, you have several options.

The first option is to start formal, then dress down. Ditch the jacket and tie, but stick with the formal dress shirt. Roll up your shirtsleeves and pair with smart-casual trousers and shoes. This looks smart and respectful, but you won’t be out of place in a more relaxed environment.

Another option is to dress up your casual clothing. There’s nothing wrong with jeans and sneakers, but make sure that your clothes are clean, well-fitting, and not worn or tattered. Be careful with your t-shirt choice, or stick with the button-down shirt. You can pair a t-shirt with a blazer to dress it up.

Of course, other settings will require a completely different kind of outfit. For example, if you’re playing sports, then focus on what’s comfortable and appropriate for the sport at hand. Specialized gym clothing will look and feel better than something you’ve thrown together. 

Formal Wear

How Men Can Dress to Impress

While casual clothing has its place in your wardrobe, many men look their best when they are in formal wear. These clothes are designed to impress. When worn correctly, they make you look classy and elegant, while also being comfortable to wear.

While men are often relegated to wearing suits, there’s a reason why they’re so fashionable. A suit looks good. However, you do have some different options and suit styles to play around with. One thing that you have to consider is how well the suit fits. 

An ill-fitting suit doesn’t look good on anyone. If you’ve ever looked at someone in a suit and though that it looked cheap or uncomfortable, the chances are that it doesn’t fit correctly. A suit that’s too tight or small will look wrong on your arms and legs, and it can chafe or dig in at the worst spots. A suit that’s too baggy will make it seem as though you’ve lost weight, and not in a good way. 

When you’re buying a suit off the hanger, then you’re buying a suit that won’t fit perfectly. Sometimes you can get a good estimate of your size and still look okay, but your best option is to buy a fitted suit. Once you try it for the first time, you can never go back.

Different styles of suit will have different cuts. Some are designed to be looser-fitting than others, and vice versa. An Italian cut suit, for example, is often tighter than an American cut suit. Not only this, but you also have three-piece suits to contend with, that include a waistcoat. A waistcoat and shirt combination can look incredibly classy, but this may come down to the shirt you’re wearing.

Most suits are best when paired with a formal shirt. One of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit is to wear a formal dress shirt. Some button-down shirts are more casual than others, as they might have a looser cut or heavy patterns. But a formal shirt is comfortable, elegant, and stylish.

You can also wear formal shirts with different cuts, much like suits. Some shirts have rounded collars or other collar styles that work better with or without a tie, depending on the occasion. Other shirts have long or short sleeves, which might depend on what you’re wearing them with. 


How Men Can Dress to Impress

A quality pair of shoes is an incredibly underrated part of any outfit. Again, your shoes should be appropriate for the occasion, but it’s hard to go wrong with formal shoes or boots. You’d be surprised at how many people will look at your shoes while trying to make that all-important first impression.

As well as being stylish, your shoes should be comfortable and hard-wearing. There’s nothing worse than a pair of scruffy, scuffed shoes, especially when the rest of you looks so good. Keep your shoes polished and in good condition. 

Shoes are one of those things that are worth investing in. A good pair of shoes can last you for years if you treat them right, so choose a trusted brand of well-made, stylish shoes. 


How Men Can Dress to Impress

No matter what you’re wearing, a good watch can elevate any look. Men’s watches can vary in price, but it’s a good idea to use your budget on a unique watch that says something about you.

Expensive, brand-name watches are generally reliable and, if someone is close enough to spot the brand, they are definitely impressive. But you don’t need to break the bank to find something that you like.

Another option is to wear a smart watch. They aren’t as fashionable as a good old-fashioned timepiece, but they are practical and convenient. A smartwatch is a good option if you want to wear something that doesn’t stand out too much but doesn’t leave an empty space on your wrist.


A pleasant fragrance will add to everything else that you do to make yourself look and feel good. First, you need to think about how much cologne you put on. Men’s cologne can get a bad reputation. Many people have unpleasant memories of people putting on way too much cologne, especially in high school. But cologne does have a place in your wardrobe. 

A good piece of advice is to put on enough cologne so that someone can smell it when you’re very close, such as hugging or shaking hands. You don’t want your cologne to be the first thing they smell when you walk into the room, and if you plan to eat a meal, your companion should be able to smell and taste what they’re eating, rather than choking on your scent. 

Using your cologne sparingly will also ensure that it lasts longer, so you can save money and focus on quality scents. When spraying cologne, fragrance your clothes rather than your skin. It will last longer on fabric. If you’re looking for a good fragrance to buy, then try to find a selection of options that will suit you. Rather than focusing on brand names, focus on what the cologne smells like, so that you can find your favourite. Subtle, woody scents are a good choice, as they’re noticeable without being overpowering.