How to Build Personal Style With a Meaningful Global Influence

Take a look at the many different fashion elements from around the world and you can create a striking look when you know how you can borrow a little bit from each of them.

It’s all about setting yourself free to show the world what you have to offer, and all in a way that feels unique, personal and empowering. Let’s take a look at a few of the options so you can see how this uplifting approach to personal styling would work.

Stonewashed Denim is Making a Comeback In The US

How to Build Personal Style With a Meaningful Global Influence

This 90s staple is making something of a roaring comeback of late thanks to celebrities from all walks of life who are rocking the high-waist classics. The way in which the slightly baggy, unfitted style breaks free from the figure-hugging skinny jeans trend of recent years is a welcome refresh.

Ideal when you want something more casual and nuanced that makes your look and fashion about so much more than simply conforming to your figure and curves.

Getting the balance right here is all about wearing muted colours and slightly faded pastels so you don’t break the aesthetics of the stonewashed denim. Think faded and hip, rather than anything rustic or worn, and you’ll be onto something special before you know it.

Traditional Patterns Never Went Out Of Fashion in South America

Vibrant geometric patterns with a rich and traditional history are something that you can use to accent your outfits in style. Whether you have a direct connection to the culture, or just want to embrace fashion with a deeper meaning, you’re sure to find something that slots into place from the moment you get started.

A little touch of colour around the edges of your look will allow you to set the tone for an immersive, personal style with real meaning. If you then match the primary colour from the pattern with a couple of accessories, or your choice of footwear, you’ll be onto something truly unique before you know it.

Geek Chic Is All The Rage in Europe Right Now

How to Build Personal Style With a Meaningful Global Influence

Wire rimmed spectacles, ruler straight cuts with minimal fitting and short pixie-style haircuts are some of the main hallmarks of geek chic. This isn’t about showcasing a parody, but more about stepping away from the slick world of luxury brands. Think of geek chic as a world of nuanced rule breaking and you’ll find a little something in there that allows you to step out from the crowd and show the world who you really are.

When you really get into geek chic you’ll find there’s more to it than meets the eye. Turned up loose fit jeans with white tennis socks and purposefully scuffed trainers is one way to do it.

You can really find a sense of balance that allows you to move away from the pristine world of designer labels that too many of us have felt compelled to embrace for a while now. Geek chic is all about wearing your outfit your way, all so you can create a personal and comfy look that’s all about you.

Surfer Style Touches Are The Talk of Australian Fashion

Faded colours with a sandy hue are one of the classic looks this part of the world is known for, and for good reason. Combine a few loose fits with crisp art work and bleached blonde hair or highlights and you could be making an impact in no time at all. Just what you want to hear when it’s all about finding a look you love that instantly makes you feel at ease.

Pairing your new touch of surfer style with some throwback leather sandals in the warmer months will allow you to create a relaxed, causal and free-flowing vibe. Ideal if you want to create a look that makes you feel at ease no matter where the day takes you.

Smart Casual is Something That Has a Little Bit of Everything

How to Build Personal Style With a Meaningful Global Influence

Last but by no means least, we give you the ever-applicable world of smart casual style. Leather buckled satchels, a crisp blazer and casual jeans or slacks are touches of style loved around the world. Take your time to figure out how you want to mix and match them and you’ll be really onto something.

Another style idea is taking the thick white-rimmed smart causal trainers that are everywhere right now and using them to crown your look. Think of them as the perfect casual way to swap out flats, heels or leather dress shoes and you’ll have a look that you can wear everywhere from the office in the day to the restaurant in the evening.

Sometimes when you want to create a look you love, it’s about finding inspiration in the most unexpected of places. So if you want to find a way to dress that’s authentically you, why not go in search of all the various ways other people are dressing, the same way you’d search for free casino games if you wanted to play some. If you can borrow a little something here and there, you’ll soon see your creative side flourishing into life.

Take your time to get things right and you’ll have a look that allows you to set the tone for a stylish appearance that’s authentically you.

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