How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle

When looking for an engagement ring, people do not focus on their lifestyle. Instead, most people focus on the size of the diamonds, the colour of the band, and the cost of the ring. But your lifestyle is an important area to think about when ring shopping.

Engagement rings are made with the expectation that they will be worn daily. But the individuals who craft jewellery are not aware of your hobbies or where your place of employment is. This is something you will need to focus on when picking out an engagement ring for your girlfriend.

How Your Job Can Influence Your Ring Style

You want your engagement ring to last a lifetime, just like your marriage. Without considering what you do for work, how frequently you plan to wear it, and your lifestyle, it is difficult to pick a ring to last throughout the years. Prongs can come loose, causing diamonds to fall out, the wrong type of setting can catch on clothes, and the band may not stand up to rigorous work.

High-Profile Career

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle
Radiant Cut Yellow and White Diamond High Jewellery Ring by Graff.

If your career requires you to be in public or in front of the camera frequently, you want a ring that reflects the image you want to portray. Most of the time, people with this type of career choose to have large diamonds with smaller diamonds around the centre stone. Alternatively, the ring of choice is a large single stone that is sure to turn some heads. People who are frequently in the spotlight are expected to look and act a certain way, and their jewellery needs to fit into this expectation. 

Caregiving Career

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle
Ballerine Solitaire by Cartier.

This type of career involves people who work as doctors, nurses, teachers, and stay-at-home moms. What your job entails is something to take into consideration when choosing your engagement ring. When you are in the caregiving field, you frequently wash your hands, and taking care of people makes it easy for your ring to snag on their clothes or even scratch them. People in the caregiving field also know the importance of wearing gloves, therefore, a ring that will not rip your gloves is essential.  

High-Risk Jobs

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle
Round Brilliant Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band by Tiffany & Co.

High-risk jobs encompass much more than those who are public servants; it can also include steelworkers who are in the air welding beams together, people in the military, and many other jobs. When looking for a ring for this career field, it needs to be something that will not snag on something if they need to move quickly, and the stones need to be held securely. Frequently, people in this career choose to have their engagement ring custom-made. This helps make sure you get the ring you want and feel the best fit for their job.

Creative Careers

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle
Classic Winston Round Brilliant Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones by Harry Winston.

Think about careers such as people who paint, dance, do pottery, and things similar in nature. Unless the people in this career field plan to take off their rings, they will require durable and easy to clean rings. Rings should be easy to clean and do not have areas where the paint and dirt can’t enter. Dancers will need an entirely different type of engagement ring. A ring that does not take away from their elegance, one that fits tighter, so it does not spin, and one that does not catch or snag on things.

Active Careers

How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Best Suits Your Lifestyle
Icône solitaire 0.30 ct by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Those with active careers, such as people who play sports, do extreme sports, teach aerobics, or have jobs that keep them moving all day, need a different ring type than those in a high profile career. Look into engagement rings without prongs. Having a stone encased in the ring keeps the stones more secure.   


When choosing an engagement ring, talk to the jeweller about your girlfriend’s type of career and hobbies. There are endless types of engagement rings, so finding one to fit her lifestyle will be easy. If in doubt, look into having an engagement ring custom-made. 

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