How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

A date, first or not, is always exciting: you want to show yourself in the best light, charm your companion, and look your best. However, it is important not to overdo it here: if you show up to a country picnic in a tuxedo or, as in the old song, “put on all the best at once”, then there is a risk of looking ridiculous or simply inappropriate.

Let’s figure out what is better to go on a date with a girl so that it does not become the last.

How To Dress For A First Date?

How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

“You will not get a second chance to make a first impression,” said Coco Chanel, and she certainly knew a lot about fashion. But the impression can be made in different ways, and it is in our interest that it be positive.

Therefore, stylists recommend not to dress too pretentiously or smartly, unless the occasion requires it. On the first date, as a rule, the couple goes for a walk in the park, to a coffee shop, or to the cinema, where a red carpet outfit is not required.

Therefore, it is better to choose a look in casual style in neutral shades that suit you. Plain jeans or chinos, polo or casual shirt, a blazer or cardigan – this will be appropriate in any informal setting. It is better to pay attention to details: choose a stylish belt or bracelet to match the color of your shoes, shave smoothly or tidy up your beard, freshen up your haircut or make a careless styling.

In addition, do not forget about the nuances: socks should match the shoes and completely cover the leg to the trousers, even in a sitting position. It’s not worth talking about underwear: it must be clean and tidy because no one knows how this date will end.

How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

It’s better to beware of new things: if you have never gone outside in this shirt, let alone boots, you definitely shouldn’t wear them on a date. No one can predict how the skin will react to the new fabric, whether the label will rub the neck, whether blisters will appear after a hundred meters of walking.

And in general, in familiar clothes, a person feels more comfortable and at ease, which is very important at the first rendezvous, because there will be enough awkwardness there anyway.

What To Wear To The Theater For A Man?

Going to the theater is a great idea for a first date and an alternative to a banal movie theater. In the temple of Melpomene, you can show off your erudition, discuss gossip about actors, or, if you understand, tell your companion about this art. Just don’t turn the rendezvous into a teaching lecture. What to wear to the theater depends entirely on the concept of the institution itself.

How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

The theater has recently become less pretentious, so slight deviations from the norm are quite acceptable. If you decide to conquer your chosen one with modern art and bought tickets to an experimental theater or to a performance by a young director taking place somewhere in an abandoned factory, then you should not dress up like a parade.

In this case, casual with a slight touch of bohemianism would be quite appropriate: more carelessness, an emphasis on accessories – a scarf, a neckerchief, a hat or a massive bracelet are quite suitable. A casual jacket will look great with a turtleneck, classic jeans, and classic shoes from R.M. Williams.

What To Wear To A Restaurant For A Man

How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

First of all, you need to understand what level this restaurant is. In an expensive pretentious institution, where tables are booked a week in advance, you need to appear in full dress, or at least close to it. A classic suit, tie, or bow tie will be appropriate here. It is not necessary to wear a white shirt, after all, this is not an official reception.

If the suit is plain, then the shirt can be patterned. A suit with an ornament suggests a monophonic one. If you want to take your companion to a cozy family restaurant, then the look can be even more informal: a sports jacket or a cozy cardigan over a polo or checkered shirt. Jeans, unless they are black or dark blue, should not be worn. It is better to give preference to solid chinos, which are a cross between trousers with creases and denim products.

If it is a hot summer outside, there is an azure sea outside the window, and you are going to spend the evening in a restaurant on the waterfront, then the conventions can be neglected. This does not mean that you need to show up in beach shorts and slates: light linen trousers, a cotton shirt, and woven moccasins will come in handy.

For a cool night’s walk after dinner, you need to lay down a jumper, casually tying it around your shoulders in the French style. When the girl becomes chilly, you can carefully wrap her up.

What Should A Man Wear To A Party?

How To Dress For A First Date: Advice For Men

Going to a club or a party on a first date is not the best idea. Loud music will interfere with conversations, and crowds of people around will destroy any hint of privacy. However, if you are both restless party-goers and cannot imagine life without DJ sets and deafening sound, then why not?

The top in this case can be anything, the main thing is that it be, because. parties tend to end closer to the morning when it’s cool even in summer. Favorite jeans, leather jacket, sports jacket. Definitely do not show up in a sports windbreaker or a classic jacket – it will look awkward.

A bright shirt, a T-shirt with a catchy print, or plain polo will be quite appropriate, the main thing is to make the image harmonious. Remember the rule of three colors and three accents so you don’t look like a parrot. For a party, both jeans with scuffs and appliqués, as well as regular trousers without arrows, are suitable.

You should not dress too boring and monochrome – after all, the place suggests some recklessness.

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