How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips for Christian Moms

Pregnancy is quite a difficult time for fashionista Christian moms, but no worries. Click our guide to learn tips on how to dress stylishly while pregnant!

As Christians ourselves, we have noticed a quite concerning pattern: many women stop attending biblical meetings and even casual events after getting pregnant. 

We understand the deep-rooted insecurity behind their decision. But hey, there’s no need to get so worked up over your body size – especially now that you already have our expert team by your side! This article will discuss all common tricks and tips on how to dress stylishly while pregnant. 

How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips to Hide Your Belly

How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips for Christian Moms

1. Let Your Legs Become The Distraction

Introduced in 1960 and popularized by A-list stars like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, shift dresses are the best and most classy choice for belly bulges. 

Their overall silhouettes are always roomy and crisp, hanging slightly off your body to avoid middle clinging. You can also choose between numerous designs, such as long sleeves, three-quarter, elbow, or short. 

And the most important part? They can give some well-deserved spotlight to your legs. 

For moms who feel confident in their slender, long legs, let’s get bold with shorter dresses (barely covering the knees or even going above that). Do not wear them to church, though; they are only welcomed on extremely casual and informal occasions!  

2. Stick to Just One Colour

Old but gold. 

Monochromatic outfits can disguise and blend even the biggest belly bulge – whether you are a 12, 20, XL, M, or even 2X. How so? 

Matching (or almost matching) bottoms and tops will create a long colour column that gives off the impression of a smooth, unbroken line. People barely notice your belly lump is even there!

The tip works fine for Christian clothes of any theme and colour, but popular wardrobe neutrals like all-white or all-black will forever be our favourite. 

And no, the differences in textures and fabrics do not matter; in fact, mixing sporty, soft items with something a bit fancier will even give you better style mileage. Black cotton Christian T-shirts paired with black joggers are a good example! 

3. Turn to Maxis and Midis

Even those who never wear long, flowery dresses before will find themselves befriending them in a blink once the pregnancy periods start. There’s no better belly camouflage than major floral prints with a romantic/bohemian twist!

Belted versions are also available on the market, but our advice is to ignore them altogether. Instead, let’s head for a more loose-fitting one with horizontal seams under or above the hips – a perfect balance of stylish and casual without showing your real waist. 

Trendy sleeves, prints, and colours will be the cherry on top, giving the dresses a more “intentional” vibe – rather than a random outfit you just throw on as an excuse to hide the belly bump from others.

How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips for Christian Moms

4. Use Open Jackets to Trim The Torso

The trick only creates another type of illusion; still, what matters here is that it does work. 

Frame your baby bump with an open-worn jacket in contrasting colours over the dress, tee, and shirt. Imagine it like a theatre curtain, which reduces the exposure of your body waistlines from the front view! 

It would be even better if the jacket looked good indoors. Sleek-structured ones like blazers will be terrific on occasions like these, but even shackets, vests, or cardigans with the right colours can offer similar results. 

5. Choose Double-Breasted Jackets Worn Closed

Donning an open jacket is not your jam? Then double-breasted (or DB) outwear should be the go-to option. Their structured shape and double layer conceal protruding tummy with zero hassles, especially when aided by a good sidekick item like muffin tops. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on them; just snatch some oldies from to-be-give-away pantsuits or resale consignment. They thrive in fashion stores and online websites with frequent discount programs, too.

Which Outfit Is Not Recommended During Pregnancy?  

How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips for Christian Moms

Fashion is tempting, but your unborn baby should always remain the top priority. Avoid all these items to ensure maximum comfort for both you and him:

1. Tight Pants

You might not feel anything in earlier weeks, but trust us; these pants can be quite a pain in later pregnancy stages. This is the last thing you want to slip into when engaging in some light, fun exercises and activities to keep your body shape in check.

Thus, remember to replace them with something more comfortable and tailored for maternity. 

2. Unsupportive Bras

Like the rest of your body, the breasts experience frequent changes in size and shape during this critical period – all the more reason to wear correctly fitted bras for optimal support. 

Let the skin properly breathe, and avoid tight-fitting, fancy pieces at all costs. 

3. Compression Underwear

These items are notorious for restricting movements – as if your big belly weren’t already big enough of an obstruction! 

Ensure you only pick the highest-quality garments that do not pressure the bump and your growing body size. 

4. Skin Tight Shirts

Confined waists and abdomens do not merely mean discomfort; they might even cause swelling, unsettled tummy, heartburn, and worse! 

Maternity-friendly and stylish oversized items will be the best ally for you and your belly. Draft them over with comfy tees, shirts, tunics, crews, and blouses. 


How to Dress Stylishly While Pregnant: Tips for Christian Moms

Hopefully, with our tips on how to dress stylishly while pregnant, you can resume those weekly biblical meetings and outdoor events again!

Feel free to write to us if you want more help. 

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