How To Get To Antarctica Without Spending A Fortune?

Antarctica isn’t a typical holiday destination. In fact, it’s about as unusual as you could possibly get. Very few people visit Antarctica, not because it’s impossible to get there, but instead because arranging transport (which is typically a cruise) can be expensive.

However, there are some effective ways of getting up to Antarctica without spending a fortune. If you are interested in finding out how you can save money on a trip there, then this post is for you.

Here is everything you need to know about getting to Antarctica without spending a fortune.

How To Get To Antarctica Without Spending A Fortune?

Taking A Cruise

Most people get to Antarctica via cruise ship. It’s not really possible to get there any other way unless you are going on an expedition. It can be expensive going on an Antarctica cruise, as you probably already know. One of the best ways to save money is to shop around and try to find a budget cruise provider.

However, it’s important to read a cruise provider’s reviews before booking with them, especially if they offer budget cruises. Something else that’s worth noting is that budget cruises tend to have lots of extra hidden charges.

Last-minute Deals

One of the most effective ways of getting to Antarctica for less is to look for last-minute deals. One thing you should know about last-minute deals is that you often have to be near a cruise ship’s docking point since they go live a few hours before the ship departs. If you book last minute but are unable to travel to the ship in time, then you may miss it, and could be ineligible for a refund. Last-minute cruise ship deals can give savings of up to 50%.

How To Get To Antarctica Without Spending A Fortune?

Budget Cruises

As mentioned in the first section, you should try to look for budget cruises. Again, some budget cruises tack on hidden charges in order to make extra money from passengers. It’s a good idea to extensively research budget cruise providers before booking with them so that you can be sure you aren’t going to have to pay for anything extra.

Ideally, find a cruise provider that offers complimentary food and drinks. Make sure that you see a photograph of your cabin (or an example cabin) before booking, so you do not end up with a small one and have to pay extra to upgrade.

Reading Reviews

Always read a travel provider’s reviews before booking with them, so you can get an idea of what it’ll be like for you to travel with them. You should never make the mistake of booking anything without first reading reviews. Reviews will give you a clear idea of what a travel provider is like to travel with. Make sure to read reviews on Google and Trust Pilot, instead of on the provider’s site. It’s common for businesses to falsify positive reviews on their site. After all, why would a site want to intentionally post bad things about itself?

How To Get To Antarctica Without Spending A Fortune?

Bringing Supplies

If you are going on a budget cruise where food isn’t included then bring supplies with you, like canned food. Taking canned food with you will help you to save a lot of money because you won’t have to pay for food inside the ship’s restaurant. As mentioned previously, it is common for budget cruises to tack on extra charges. The most common hidden purchase is food.

Some cruise liners charge exorbitant sums for cooked food. Bringing your own supplies will prevent you from needing to eat out, and will mean you can eat in your cabin.

Package Holidays

Package holidays can sometimes be a good way of saving money. Sometimes, cruise liners offer cruises through Antarctica, and then drop people off at holiday resorts located in nearby countries. The cruise through Antarctica is just a part of the route and an added bonus. If there are any countries in and around the Antarctic that you want to visit, then see whether or not you can take a cruise ship to them. You can save lots of money by booking tickets for your friends and family to come with you. Generally, the more people that come, the better the savings.

Shopping Around

When looking for a cruise, shop around. You can use a comparison site to get good deals on cruise tickets. Something that’s worth noting is that comparison sites tend to suggest cruises that they are going to profit from in some way, i.e., they earn money off of the booking recommendations they make. However, you can usually get good discounts because of this.

Comparison sites tend to give 10-20% discounts on top of the savings you’re making by using their service, for booking through their link. Try to find a reliable comparison site to use, so you can get the best deals.

How To Get To Antarctica Without Spending A Fortune?

Payment Plans

If you are on a very tight budget and nothing is working as far as making savings is concerned, then consider booking your cruise on credit. If your cruise costs less than $1,000, then you may be able to use a pay-in-three service. If you do plan on breaking down the cost of your cruise into smaller monthly instalments, make sure that you are confident you can afford to make repayments. You can destroy your credit score by booking things on credit, knowing you won’t be able to make repayments. Ensure that the added interest is not too much, either.

Booking Early

Finally, one good way of saving money is to book tickets for a cruise several months in advance of your trip. Cruise providers tend to give people large discounts when they book in advance. If you leave it until the last minute (unless there are last-minute deals) then you will probably have to pay extra. When booking early, try to see if you can get access to any discount codes. You should always be trying to save as much money as you possibly can. Early bird discounts can be up to 30%.

If you want to go to Antarctica, then you’re probably thinking that it’s going to cost you a lot of money. It doesn’t have to, though. As long as you follow this post’s guidance then you will be able to save yourself a little bit of money.