How To Take Care Of Toenails At Home

What should you do to preserve the beauty and health of your nails?

90% of the success thereof lies in due care at home.

What procedures does that involve? And what does every lady need to sustain quality taking care of toenails without having to go to a salon?

What Tools Do You Need For Pedicure At Home

How To Take Care Of Toenails At Home

You will need tools that will help you easily perform the following procedures:

– correct the shape and length of the nail plate. Use nail clippers;

– shift the cuticle (during the pedicure, the periarticular skin should not be removed so as not to injure it). You can use an orange stick or a spatula;

– remove the rough skin from the lateral nail folds. This is done with cuticle clippers;

– eliminate microcracks, calluses, and corns on the feet. For this procedure, you need a pedicure brush or pumice stone.

You can acquire all the tools in a specialised store.

What Tools Are Needed For Cutting Nails

To correct the nail plate, it is recommended to use special clippers or scissors. They usually have massive handles and working parts.

And they are designed for cutting both soft and denser nails. The Zamberg brand line has a separate line designed to work with toenails. It is called professional toe nail scissors.

How To Take Care Of Toenails At Home

For cutting nails, you can use nail clippers. It is compact and practical. And, it’s easy enough to work with.

But, you need to make sure that you cut the nail without microcracks. They appear if you hold the nail clipper at an angle when correcting the nail plate. The tool needs to be placed at a 90-degree angle and then cut off the nail plate.

There are two important details during nail correction that you need to remember:

1) you can not remove the nail at the root, otherwise, you can damage the skin under the nail plate. The minimum length of the nail is 1 mm;

2) the nail is cut in a straight line, not in a semicircle. It is this approach that will avoid the problem of an ingrown toenail.

Thanks to these techniques, you will be able to avoid injuries to the nail plate and prevent various pathologies from emerging.

And another important question: how often should you cut your toenails?

It all depends on how fast they grow back. The optimal solution is to adjust the length of the toenails once every 3-4 weeks.

How To Remove The Cuticle During A Pedicure Correctly

During the manicure, the cuticle is separated from the nail plate with a spatula and cut off with scissors.

Throughout the process, the cuticle is treated with a remover (this tool softens the skin), and then it is gently moved down with an orange stick or spatula.

Cutting off the cuticle whilst standing is not recommended. This can result in cuts that will take a long time to heal.

What To Do With Rough Skin On The Lateral Nail Folds

How To Take Care Of Toenails At Home

It needs to be carefully cut off.

But before that, you need to soften the epidermis in a warm bath with sea salt and essential oils.

Rough skin is removed with skin clippers.

How To Make Foot Skin Softer

The first thing to do is to remove calluses, corns, and microcracks using a pumice stone or a pedicure brush (80 or 100 grit).

These problem areas are treated at the end of the pedicure. After treatment and removal of skin remnants, a moisturising cream is applied with light massaging movements.

What To Do If Injuries Appear On The Nails

How To Take Care Of Toenails At Home

Many people wonder: how to make toenails healthier and what is needed for this.

We have prepared a short list of products that nail specialists refer to as a must-haves:

– nail cream: it is used to nourish the nail plate with vitamins and trace elements.

– nail wax: makes the nail shiny, which improves their appearance;

– tea tree oil: it is used if you notice the first signs of infection like a change in the nail plate shape and colour. The oil is applied to problematic areas. It has an antiseptic effect;

– cuticle oil: it softens the periungual skin and makes it more vulnerable to injuries.

As you can see, tips on toenails are quite simple. And all that is required is a little time and a properly selected set of products.

Now you know how you can take care of your toenails at home, and how to do a pedicure according to all the rules. Enjoy!

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