How To Wear a Cummerbund With a Tuxedo?

Of all the parts of a tuxedo that a wearer deals with, the cummerbund might feel like the most awkward if a person is not used to wearing a tux.

Purpose and Function of the Cummerbund

How To Wear a Cummerbund With a Tuxedo?

Technically speaking, wearing a cummerbund with tuxedo apparel involves a fabric wrap that goes horizontally around the lower belly and provides visual transition from the pants to the tux shirt.

The other purpose of the cummerbund is to cover up the connection of the suspenders to the pants. Normally, the tuxedo pants don’t come with a belt. In fact, many quality tuxedo suits have no belt loops on the pants at all.

Suspenders are used instead, but where they connect would stand out if not for the cummerbund. Instead, the fabric wrap, which looks like an oversized ribbon around the waist, covers everything up and finishes the tux look, even when the jacket is open sitting down.

Most times, the cummerbund color is matched to the bow tie for a synchronous look. The set really stands out with a black tuxedo.

Do Have To Wear a Cummberbund With A Tuxedo?

How To Wear a Cummerbund With a Tuxedo?

Not necessarily. There are tuxedos that instead involve wearing a bow tie and shirt under a jacket.

However, due to practice, a wearer might get mistaken for being the chauffer driver, since this tends to be the standard uniform for a professional driver, no joke. The cummerbund provides one of those tuxedo accessories that make it stand out when very little on the suit otherwise makes it distinct.

Cufflinks are another item with similar purpose. That said, some people really take their cummerbund to town with some intricate colors, design, fabric patterns and more.

If renting a tuxedo that typically has a cummerbund with its ensemble, the accessory will be offered with the package.

So, a wearer who typically doesn’t wear a tux or have their own can easily complete an outfit regardless just by renting all the of the necessary parts.

Plan for Cummerbund at Big Social Events

If a wearer might end up being on stage or in front of an audience, it’s almost expected to be wearing a tuxedo that fully accessorized, including the cummerbund.

This goes for band members as well if part of the entertainment for a formal event and wearing band tuxedos.

The History of the Cummberbund

How To Wear a Cummerbund With a Tuxedo?

Cummerbunds originally developed from formal wear in India during the mid-1800s. British military officers stationed overseas in the south Asian country found their normal formal uniforms to be extremely uncomfortable in the Indian heat.

Looking for an alternative, the cummerbund style was borrowed from the local cultural practice of wearing bright sashes worn around the waist, as seen on Indian dignitaries.

The style stuck, and it was imported back to England, spreading to the rest of Europe and eventually the U.S. in similar fashion.

The original reference to the accessory in India was known as a “kamarband,” and Victorian England can be blamed for its distribution across the rest of the world, especially at a time when the British Empire was at its largest size.

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