Discover Artistic Luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

Experience the epitome of artistic luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous, a 5-star hotel that offers a unique blend of culture and sunshine.

Nestled on the enchanting seafront of Portals Nous, with easy access to the exclusive Puerto Portals marina, this hotel is a true haven for art enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike. Designed by the creative genius Marcel Wanders studio, every aspect of the hotel, from the architecture to the themed suites, showcases a masterpiece of contemporary art.

Discover Artistic Luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

Artistic Suites to Indulge

All 66 rooms at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous are adorned with original pieces by Marcel Wanders, radiating a stylish avant-garde ambience. But it is in the themed suites where the hotel’s playful side truly shines. The Games Suite boasts an array of exciting entertainment options, including pinball, table football, a putting green, and video games.

The Spa Suite offers a haven of relaxation with a soothing sauna experience, while the Stargazing Suite provides astronomy enthusiasts with a professional telescope. Among the most intriguing is the Naughty Suite, featuring a large circular bed, mirrored ceiling, and a designated pole dancing area.

Discover Artistic Luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

Art Gallery Extravaganza

Iberostar Grand Portals Nous celebrates art and culture to the fullest, evident through its innovative art gallery in collaboration with 2B Art & Toys, a renowned Spanish art dealer specializing in urban art and rare collectable toys.

Guests can immerse themselves in the world of contemporary art by renowned artists such as Shepard Fairey, Ben Eine, and Nick Walker. Moreover, the gallery showcases exclusive Be@rbrick toys by Medicom, a Japanese toy company celebrated for its collaborations with iconic names like Coco Chanel, KAWS, and Banksy.

A Culinary Artistry

Discover Artistic Luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

Astir, the hotel’s restaurant, offers a delectable journey of artistic culinary delights. Chef Miquel Clar artfully combines authentic Mediterranean flavours with a zesty Asian twist, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients from the island.

From the restaurant terrace, guests can relish the picturesque view of Portals Nous Cove while savouring the finest dishes, such as sheet pan-fried rice with octopus, confit artichokes, and piquillo pepper, or salt-baked sea bass with lemon and fennel. Emphasizing sustainability, Iberostar Grand Portals Nous holds a sustainable fishing certificate, reinforcing their commitment to responsible dining.

Mallorca has long been a hub for artists, and guests can explore the island’s vibrant art scene beyond the hotel’s walls. Just a short 10-minute drive away lies the studio of the esteemed Spanish surrealist painter, Joan Miró. Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró preserves his legacy, leaving the studio untouched since his passing. Visitors can witness half-finished canvases, used paint brushes, and open tins of paint, providing an intimate glimpse into the artist’s world.

Discover Artistic Luxury at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous


Iberostar Grand Portals Nous is more than just a luxury hotel; it is a living canvas that celebrates art and culture in every aspect. With its exclusive art gallery, artistic suites, and culinary delights, the hotel offers an unparalleled experience for art enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike. Step into a world of creativity and elegance, where art and luxury merge seamlessly at Iberostar Grand Portals Nous in Mallorca.

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