Ibiza Gran Hotel & Novikov: Elevating Island Dining

Ibiza Gran Hotel recently announced the addition of Novikov, the globally renowned restaurant and bar, to its prestigious establishment.

This eagerly awaited collaboration enhances the hotel’s already impressive culinary repertoire, promising guests a novel and exclusive dining experience. Novikov Ibiza, a culinary gem that draws inspiration from Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisine, along with a chic bar, is set to redefine the ultimate night out on the island.

The Epitome of Gastronomic Excellence

Ibiza Gran Hotel celebrated for its culinary excellence, solidifies its status as a luxury dining destination with the inclusion of Novikov Ibiza. In 2022, it earned the distinction of being named the Best Gastronomic Hotel, an accolade that underscores its exceptional gastronomic offerings.

Ibiza Gran Hotel & Novikov: Elevating Island Dining

The hotel boasts its own MICHELIN-starred flagship restaurant, La Gaia by Óscar Molina, Downtown Ibiza by Cipriani, the globally renowned Zuma, and The Grand Breakfast, renowned for being the best breakfast spot on the island. Nestled along the seafront, with captivating views of the island’s most opulent marinas, Ibiza Gran Hotel epitomizes Mediterranean luxury with its sophisticated suites, unparalleled vistas, rejuvenating spa, pools, and glamorous casino.

Novikov Ibiza: A Culinary Marvel

Novikov Ibiza, building on the reputation of its flagship Mayfair restaurant, is now open for reservations, inviting guests to partake in its exquisite offerings. The culinary spotlight shines brightly on Chinese cuisine’s zenith, where a team of skilled chefs meticulously craft Peking duck, sizzling Robata creations, and an exceptional selection of Asian delicacies.

Ibiza Gran Hotel & Novikov: Elevating Island Dining

Diners are treated to a menu that blends classical Novikov dishes with the unique flavours of locally sourced ingredients, featuring delectable Wagyu beef dumplings, truffle and mushroom dumplings, and tantalizing spicy king crab. Sushi, sashimi, and robata-grilled items also grace the menu, ensuring a diverse range of culinary delights. The restaurant’s pièce de résistance is its open kitchen, featuring a stunning display of seafood and vegetables, evoking the vibrant atmosphere of an Asian food market.

A Captivating Bar Experience

Complementing the dining experience is an impressive bar offering an array of handcrafted cocktails, champagne, and premium spirits. A bamboo-fringed terrace offers an al fresco escape, where a resident DJ curates an infectious playlist blending classic Pop, House, and Funk tunes.

Ibiza Gran Hotel & Novikov: Elevating Island Dining

Guests can choose from an array of exquisite cocktails, including the ‘Caliente,’ a tantalizing fusion of Amores Green mezcal, Volcan white tequila, zesty ginger, tangy lime, agave sweetness, aromatic basil, and a touch of fiery Jalapeño, and the ‘Punchy Colada,’ a tropical symphony comprising Patrón Silver tequila, a luscious coconut elixir, succulent pineapple, and a hint of delicate floral essence.

An Opulent Ambiance

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ibiza Town’s nightlife district, within the opulent confines of the 5-star Ibiza Gran Hotel at Marina Ibiza, Novikov Ibiza emerges with a touch of Asian warmth. The restaurant’s interiors, adorned with rich wooden elements, seamlessly blend with Gaudi’s art nouveau influences. These thoughtfully curated furnishings, coupled with enchanting illumination, converge flawlessly to shape an opulent ambience that envelops guests as they step in, setting the perfect backdrop for an unparalleled gastronomic voyage.

Ibiza Gran Hotel & Novikov: Elevating Island Dining

Having embarked on its culinary journey 13 years ago in Mayfair, London, the acclaimed Novikov team has now expanded its presence to 10 countries, with Novikov Ibiza standing as a testament to their award-winning prowess. As a testament to its commitment to exceptional service, Novikov Ibiza has also introduced a boutique delivery service tailored for hotels, yachts, events, and private residences.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Ibiza Gran Hotel and Novikov Ibiza promises to elevate the island’s dining scene to new heights. With a fusion of Chinese and Pan-Asian culinary delights, an exquisite bar experience, and an opulent ambience, guests can expect a truly unforgettable gastronomic journey. Novikov Ibiza’s arrival on the island is a testament to its commitment to culinary excellence and exceptional service.

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